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    LoyaltyScape is an economy server dual loading 634 and OSRS data with 530 maps. 

    We’ve been under live development for 18 months and I believe we now have a quality server that players will enjoy.

    ➤ Player Owned Shops
    ➤ 40+ Bosses | 25 skills | 13 minigames
    ➤ Over 400 Treasure Trail rewards from OSRS and RS2
    ➤ Full OSRS Zulrah
    ➤ Bank placeholders
    ➤ 4 different Ironman modes
    ➤ Full OSRS Vorkath
    ➤ Keybinding/Customizable F keys
    ➤ Fashion scape shops with hundreds of cosmetic items
    ➤ Customizable client settings
    ➤ Over 50 pets including Skilling pets, Boss pets, and more
    ➤ Searchable drop table
    ➤ Custom last man standing, Free For All, and Prisoners minigames
    ➤ Animated rank icons
    ➤ Discord rich presence with Skilling and Combat integration
    ➤ Pet fighting
    ➤ Custom Bosses with custom mechanics
    ➤ Numerous experience boosting items

    Bugs and Development
    ➤ Fixed patchy cache-loads 634 and osrs
    ➤ Access to all osrs maps, objects, anims, items, and npcs
    ➤ Over 200 player suggestions implemented
    ➤ Over 1000 bugs fixed (don’t use ruse)
    ➤ View full list on our discord in #server-updates







       Box Opening - Eggy RSPS

        Server Showcase - FPK Merk
    Knockout Scythe
















        All shops have buy as noted option

        408 Unique Clue Rares


    Non Profit?


    I imagine this question will come up so I'll save some time. The owner has always run this server as a non for profit by paying me 50% of profits and other 50% goes to ads and whatever else may be needed. I recently decided to give back my 50% to the running of the server and also invest all the previous profits I received back into the server. Now all donations go into improving the server and nobody is making money on it. There was never a lot in the first place anyway.




    ➤ Necrotic for some ripped content (jewelry crafting, drop table interface layout, and ground item hovers)
    ➤ Zion for some rendering related services
    ➤ Runity’s rune pouch background sprite
    ➤ Lumplum for making us Mask of Reee model
    ➤ H1N1 for Aeros base years ago (I’ve heard this stemmed from an old Simplicity)
    ➤ Ascend for some item stat hover code I ripped and edited
    ➤ Rune-server discord community who helped me with various things and tolerated my blogs and spam.
    ➤ The creators and contributors over many iterations of ruse for leaving so many juicy, hilarious, and mostly just plain stupid bugs for me to fix. 
    ➤ Finally, to all the players and staff who have supported us through posting bugs, suggestions, and keeping us motivated to continue to make great things happen.



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