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Tater Pie

Ranks & Reputation System

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The repuation system is based on content count and user interaction. When you react to someone's post using the reactions in the bottom right of their post, it will effect their reputation if you use the Thanks, Like, or Nope reactions... The sad and laughing reactions are neutral and dont effect reputation.


Your content count and reputation do not effect how much rep you can give, unlike rune-server ... you only receive +1 or decline in reputation by -1, for each person that reacts. this is how ipb's reputation is built and it's really not bad once you get used to it 

This allows for the simple feature of, the more active you are the reputation you might have, we're trying to swerve away from ego based ranks and try to be more based on reviews of ones services and total contributions to the community 


Ranking system is completely seperate and has nothing to do with reputation or contributions to the community.

With that being said heres an explanation of our rankings:

  • Modeller
  • Programmer
  • Web Developer
  • YouTuber
  • Graphics Artist
  • Server Owner

These ranks ^ and any future have no requirement. You can simply ask for these ranks, however having this rank does not mean you have adequate knowledge in your field, we will give this rank to people who have shown *any* interest in the field, and continue to do so *and ask for the rank* or if we noticing you doing stuff you might be awarded the rank be default *** The server owner rank does have access to make galleries and blogs by default -- complimentary service ***


Donator ranks are as follows:

  • Donator - $5 - $99 donation - donators receive access to member owned shops, blogs, and galleries, the ability to upload animated avatars, more forum permissions including private sections and more!
  • Extreme Donator - $100+ donation - extreme donators receive all the things regular donators get and much more, including but not limited to access to download rsps-community sponsored files for free, for the lifetime of your membership, delete your own content, lock your own threads, optional private sections and other special permissions like having no wait time in the chat box and having increased access to manage your profile and other place on the forums, silently edit your own content and more!


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