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RevonX - Community Comes First
RevonX is a RSPS focused on giving the community what they want and creating new and fun innovative game play mechanics.
We want to give people a sense of nostalgia, while at the same time keeping the refreshing up to date game mechanics. RevonX is a emulation of RSHD from 2008, but with a twist. We want people to have that 2008 feel but, at the same time we want to add new content as-well as adding existing old school content. 
We strive on feedback and community suggestions, updates are and will stay regular. 
We want to build a community that everyone can enjoy and be involved.


Please keep in mind, we are still in the earlier stages of development, many things will change as we constantly update! We want to make the community decide most of the decisions that are made in-game apart from bug fixes, which will be fixed as soon as they are found. 
Thank you and enjoy the thread!


Play now!


World 1 (Live Server): ONLINE
World 2 (Development Server): ONLINE






The Development Team
As for our development team we always strive to be the best we can! All three of us have been active around the years and each one of us has something to offer to the RSPS experience. In other words, we will be communicating with players for community feedback & putting out updates regularly. This is something that will not change. We feel as it is the founding building blocks for the creation of the server. The three of us always try to perform our best in a professional manner, and we do hold players to the same accountability. We want to create a fun safe environment that people of many ages can play for the nostalgia. 


admin.pngAdam - Owner
admin.pngJavatar - Game Developer
admin.pngJoffery - Web Developer

Now let's get to the good stuff; Content



Skill Key

Red = Not started
Yellow = Started
Green = Completed


LqcfRdN.png Attack, Strength, Defense & Hitpoints
All perfected calculations and requirements for certain armours & weapons.


PzyJ35U.png Range
All bows & crossbows
All thrown ranged including Chincompas
Ava's Attractor & Accumalator
Range guild

tgvMF7t.png Prayer
Ability to bury bones
Ability to use bones on altar in player-owned-house
Blessing spirt shield's and holy necklaces


u83Xczu.png Magic
All Lunar Spells Functioning
All Ancient Spells Functioning
All Normal Spells Functioning
All Spells including teleports fully functional, and have correct animations
Correct level for magic guild
Ability to enchant jewelry
Magic Training Arena


99kC8IY.png Runecrafting
All altars are properly working with proper animations
Talisman or tiara is needed in-order to use the altar


W9f2G6H.png Construction
Ability to own a house
Buying rooms
Home altar for better EXP
Fully working construction


UsJqwPG.png Agility
All Agility Shortcuts
Barbarian Outpost Agility Course (After Completing Alfred Grimhand's Barcrawl)
Brimhaven Agility Course
Agility Pyramaid
Wildy Agility Course
Gnome Agility
Ape Atoll Agility Course


QVCVqDV.png Herblore
Drudic Ritual quest to start herblore
Ability to make pot's
All pot's are working and give the correct boost


BS2v4My.png Theiving
Fully functioning pickpocketing all npcs
Fully functioning Stalls, also chance of being caught while stealing from stalls
Chests working
Blackjack lure and knockout fully functional


6czMb5j.png Crafting
Correct level for crafting guild aswell as having a apron
Cutting uncut's working properly
Tanning hides & armour crafting working
Spinning flax into bow string


Ovc8SLF.png Fletching
Log's can be cut into arrows & bows
Making bows & crossbows
Making arrows using arrowheads and arrow shaft's

vLo7qig.png Slayer
Proper slayer NPC's
All Slayer Tasks upon correct level
All Slayer Rewards
Slayer task tips
Slayer items used for task's - black mask, etc.
Fully working Slayer Helm with ability to make it after unlock via slayer rewards

DbRwMfC.png Hunter
Box trapping
Pitfall trapping
Deadfall trapping
Magical imp boxes
Falconry Bird snaring
 Butterfly netting
 Rabbit snaring


NRr8Mpg.png Mining
All rocks work around the world
Correct level for each rock
Prospecting rocks
All pickaxes are working
All Shooting Stars are working properly
Mining rune essence & at level 30 after rune mysteries, getting pure essence
Correct level for mining guild


qUnAQ6s.png Smithing
All anvils working across the map
Correct levels for each bar type
Creating Dragonfire Shield & Godswords working


CqLEAT5.png Fishing
All fishing 'techniques' fully functional
All catches of fish are properly working with correct animations
Correct level for fishing guild
All NPC's fishing spots work around the map


7mapUeq.png Cooking
Access to cooking guild (varrock) with a skillcape or hat
Cook anywhere on the map
Ability to make bread
Using the mills
Working Cooking Gaunlets


ElLyxJX.png Firemaking
All logs working and are functional
Adding 'log's to bonfire' is working
Beacons are functional


sT2BclR.png Woodcutting
All Axe's (Including Inferno Adze)
All trees working across the whole map
Canoes fully functional

jSerh2N.png Farming
Herbs fully working
Allotments fully working
Trees fully working
Flowers fully working
Hops fully working


B4AX8aR.png Summoning
Proper requirements to spawn familiars
Feeding, and maintaining the growth of a pet
Boss pet's
Infusing pouches
Scripts for familiars









Red = Not started
Yellow = Started
Green = Completed



Vampire Slayer
Sheep Shearer
The Restless Ghost
Waterfall Quest
Doric's Quest
What Lies Below
The Tourist Trap
Dwarf Cannon
Lost City
Drudic Ritual
Cook's Assistant
Ernest the Chicken
Roving Elves
Merlin's Crystal
Jungle Potion
Black Knight' Fortress
Pirate's Treasure
Rune Mysteries
Wolf Whistle
Shield of Arrav
Romeo & Juliet
Prince Ali Rescue
Gertrude's Cat
Priest in Peril
Witch's Potion
Demon Slayer
Animal Magnetism
The Knight's Sword
Goblin Diplomacy
Imp Catcher
Dragon Slayer

SCTHTly.pngAchievement Diaries!


1. Easy
2. Medium
3. Hard


1. Easy
2. Medium
3. Hard


Seer's Village
1. Easy
2. Medium
3. Hard






Bounty Hunter
Duel Arena
Pest Control
Fight Pits
Warrior Guild
Clan Wars
Agility Arena
Castle Wars


Fully functioning Port Sariam traveling
Working Music Regions
Working HD, LD, Resizable, Fullscreen
Working Sound Effects
Working ambient sounds
Shooing stray dog works (My favorite)
Underneath barbarian village work's with fully functional doors with security questions
All NPC's in correct location according to Runescape (At the time)
All correct shops corresponding to the NPC's above^
Fully functional drop party room in Falador
All ladders, stairs, doors, fully working across the map
Certain NPC's require certain quest's to be completed in-order to talk
Rug transport working
Al Kharid gate toll
Fully working 'dying of thirst in the desert
Fully working fairy rings with correct animations
Fully working Grand tree teleporting with correct animations
Pet shop's fully working in taverly, including insuring a pet!
All pet's working this includes boss pets, squirrels, dogs, kittens
Fully Working OSRS content











I Support RevonX If you would like to support this server I will provide a logo below. Everyone at the RevonX team would surely appreciate it.


Credits; A Special Thanks
These are some great people, and I would like to thank them even if it was the slightest of help. Thanks guys!<3
Thee Wolf


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13 minutes ago, Tater Pie said:

Dude this looks AWESOME fuck i kinda wanna play it if I wasn't busy lmao

I fucking love HD textures the original ones. Nobody can seem to get them perfect on a 317 client 

Thanks man! Whenever you're free message me I'll give you a tour 😉

And same HD texture's are the best thing on RSHD, absolutely amazing! 😄 

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1 hour ago, Dexter said:

This is honestly absolutely amazing, These texting are amazing & Your thread lay out is very good aswell, Overall good work man! Ill have to check it out sometime! 😱 

Thank you so much! Yes, please come check us out you won't be disappointed. Thread layout could be a bit neater it's just a bit harder on IPB haha, but nevertheless thank you 😄  

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On 5/4/2019 at 2:47 PM, Blank said:

Dude this is beautiful! Great job Adam. I recommend some spoilers for the thread. To make it a little more organized but still this looks so great!

Thanks! I was trying to figure out where the spoiler was when I first made it but I forgot and I added it! Thanks for reminding me! Hope to see you on maybe ;)?

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