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Welcome to this week's patch notes!

Our pre-release BETA has launched! Thanks to the team SilverNova has assigned to bug duty, we have been able to eradicate some pretty nasty issues. Alongside this patch assembles a new death mechanic, additions to skilling and more!

Let's jump into it!




In other news...

  • 'A Dwarf's Secret' will no longer require an option of either mining or smithing, it is now a Mining prestige
  • The Motherlode mine now requires Prestige 1 mining to enter
  • Fixed an issue causing dropped items with Destroy, Bind and Discard options to crash surrounding players who can see it
  • Fixed not being able to purchase the mithril axe from the store
  • The Superior Slayer dungeon has received an overhaul.
  • Superior slayer monsters within the dungeon now have a lower respawn time
  • Fixed all Chicken, Cow and Goblin variants (are now attackable)
  • Fixed woodcutting, you can now chop trees
  • Fixed wall safes not working when spam clicking
  • Players can now reclaim the 'Sealed Letter' if they lose it in the Lost Treasure quest from the Archaeological Expert
  • Master farmer now deals 3 damage instead of 4
  • A Master farmer has been added to the North area of Ardougne
  • City teleports provided by Merlin have been decreased in price from 2,000gp to 750gp
  • Pulling any lever will stop you from moving until the teleport action is finished
  • Cyrisus' Chest is now Ancient chest and works as intended
  • Elvarg's dragonfire can now be blocked by anti-dragon properties
  • Fixed double spawning when commencing Challenges
  • Fixed items on the ground not disappearing.
  • Fixed overloads and other members items not being usable. 
  • Shop stocks will now reduce correctly when a purchase is made.
  • Potions can now be emptied to reclaim the empty vial.
  • The mithril axe can now be purchased from the lumberjack store.
  • Mining now gives experience again.
  • Fixed the UI not being visible in resizable mode.
  • The Hunting formula has been revised and is now formidable
  • Lucky Implings have been added granting one roll of any cluescroll table
  • Zanaris can now be accessed after completing the Spirit challenge
  • Puro puro is now available, players must travel to the Zanaris city teleport
  • Impling experience rates have been adjusted to OSRS for Puro puro and World
  • You can now bare-hand catch implings
  • The Prestige interface mac provides now works again
  • The Kraken has received an overhaul, matching the mechanics, animations and graphics of OSRS
  • Fixed that pink pixel on the Trees
  • Music Tab icon now shows in the correct location
  • Dropdowns no longer crash your client
  • You skill level now keeps the same as you swap the category
  • Fixed how zooming in too far can crash you 
  • Extended the Zoom distance of the client
  • Fixed the Scroll areas so you can now use your mouse wheel in the correct location 
  • Fixed many issues with animations
  • Fixed many issues with Models
  • Removed the door icon top left of the minimap
  • The XP counter options have been switched around making "Toggle Display" first
  • Fixed the Run orb
  • The Special Attack orb now drains with your Special Attack
  • The Special Attack orb now changes the sprite when you activate your Special Attack
  • God Detail tooltips have been fixed and now show correctly 
  • Skill icons now stop flashing on click
  • The Slayer interface has been fixed
  • The Broken Lyre Colors have been fixed
  • The Missing Bank Booth at Catherby has returned
  • Added a Zanaris teleport on Merlin
  • Renamed and cleaned some old code improving performance
  • Improved the wiki orb Searching
  • The issue with banks getting wiped has been fixed
  • Fixed how you could not right click farming patches 
  • Fixed how some items was nulled
  • You can now use "/"


Special Thanks:

The Illerai team would like to give a special thanks to the beta team for helping us find a lot of big and small bugs

it really helps US and the server we could not do any of this without you all


New Developer !

I would like to welcome @Jack to the team as a Developer Please give him a warm welcome

A Message from Jack:

Hi, my name is Jack. I have been developing for 4/5 years with proficient experience in Kotlin and Java. I'm very excited to be joining the team as a developer and look forward to being able to work with the community to make Illerai a truly unique experience.

-Illerai Development Team

Jeeku, Zac,Extaze, Jack

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