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Tater Pie

How the sections work

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So the main sections in this community, the graphics arts sections, the rsps sections and the programming sections are set up a little bit differently than other RSPS communities. Heres a list of the differences: 


Stack Overflow styled help sections:

In our help sections, people post questions, they have a minimum length so keep it descriptive and try to include pictures and errors! These questions can also be upvoted and down voted, and their answers can be up voted and down voted so the best content is always at the top of the list for you 🙂

The resources and tutorials sections are going to have "Knowledge base" threads required, and maintained by the staff, the idea behind this is to break the norm and not do what every other community has done, lets stop the "leech" bullshit, just post a link if you find a useful tutorial in another community on the knowledge base thread and a moderator will add the link to the threads list of tutorials or resources after you post it.. you can also post and request links be removed if they don't work, or post alternative links if you have one. Requests for resources on the knowledge base thread should be posted in the Request section in the respective category if you are requesting the link and not posting one

The toplist can be used by anyone but incentive voting requires your players to register on the forums to claim a reward in game this is for security reasons and to prevent people from mass reward exploiting, unfortunately I don't see any other way to do it so its a small price to pay if you make it a beefy reward in game! 😄

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