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I really love the concept of the toplists, but I think there are still improvements to be done.



I think there should a difference between voting and reviewing.

Currently you have to be logged in with an actual exsisting rsps-community account place a review, which is perfectly fine.

In my eyes a review is more for server owners or people that are really fan of the content.


There should also be a voting option.

No need to log-in, no difficult things, just like any other voting page.

This could simply be made by clicking "vote" and filling in a captcha.

In this way the ranking will be more accurate and more people will can be involved without making an account.

This might also stimulate people to promote their voting links, and to vote themselves! 



There should be shorter, better links to go directly to someone's toplist page to review (and maybe, in the future even vote),


Search options

Whenever people browse the toplists they should also be able to use a search-option to look for someone they know, a server they use to play or a streamer they've heard of,

just so they can check them out, review them or whatever.



The breadcrumbs on the website should be placed in a more logical place so they're easier to use.





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Sorry it took me so long to reply to this, I agree with the links & breadcrumbs but as for voting, we're not going to do that simply for the reason that there's no way to prevent people from just spamming the votes with the use of a crawler or bot, which would force us to purge the votes monthly and that still wouldn't even solve the problem (and all toplists already have this problem)

We may still purge our reviews monthly or quarterly or something to shuffle the list up and give smaller servers a chance to reach the top but at least we won't be forced to because some asshat is paying someone to spam their server with fake votes.. 


As far as the search option thing goes, i'm pretty sure you can already do that by searching a member or viewing a members profile and viewing their recent activity etc

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