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Found 3 results

  1. LoyaltyScape is an economy server dual loading 634 and OSRS data with 530 maps. We’ve been under live development for 18 months and I believe we now have a quality server that players will enjoy. Content ➤ Player Owned Shops ➤ 40+ Bosses | 25 skills | 13 minigames ➤ Over 400 Treasure Trail rewards from OSRS and RS2 ➤ Full OSRS Zulrah ➤ Bank placeholders ➤ 4 different Ironman modes ➤ Full OSRS Vorkath ➤ Keybinding/Customizable F keys ➤ Fashion scape shops with hundreds of cosmetic items ➤ Customizable client settings ➤ Over 50 pets including Skilling pets, Boss pets, and more ➤ Searchable drop table ➤ Custom last man standing, Free For All, and Prisoners minigames ➤ Animated rank icons ➤ Discord rich presence with Skilling and Combat integration ➤ Pet fighting ➤ Custom Bosses with custom mechanics ➤ Numerous experience boosting items Bugs and Development ➤ Fixed patchy cache-loads 634 and osrs ➤ Access to all osrs maps, objects, anims, items, and npcs ➤ Over 200 player suggestions implemented ➤ Over 1000 bugs fixed (don’t use ruse) ➤ View full list on our discord in #server-updates Media Non Profit? Credits
  2. I've spent the last year developing and it's long past time that I showcase some of the content to come. Launch data: unknown. There isn't enough space to put the full content and changes that we've done over the last year, so I'm only going to add the new stuff and occasionally add our previous work. Media More to be added overtime, we have thousands of hours of bug fixes and content additions! Stay tuned
  3. RevonX - Community Comes First RevonX is a RSPS focused on giving the community what they want and creating new and fun innovative game play mechanics. We want to give people a sense of nostalgia, while at the same time keeping the refreshing up to date game mechanics. RevonX is a emulation of RSHD from 2008, but with a twist. We want people to have that 2008 feel but, at the same time we want to add new content as-well as adding existing old school content. We strive on feedback and community suggestions, updates are and will stay regular. We want to build a community that everyone can enjoy and be involved. Please keep in mind, we are still in the earlier stages of development, many things will change as we constantly update! We want to make the community decide most of the decisions that are made in-game apart from bug fixes, which will be fixed as soon as they are found. Thank you and enjoy the thread! Forums Play now! Discord World 1 (Live Server): ONLINE World 2 (Development Server): ONLINE PRIOR TO ENTERING YOUR USER CREDENTIALS PLEASE HIT "CREATE AN ACCOUNT" OR ELSE YOU WILL GET INVALID USERNAME OR PASSWORD. The Development Team As for our development team we always strive to be the best we can! All three of us have been active around the years and each one of us has something to offer to the RSPS experience. In other words, we will be communicating with players for community feedback & putting out updates regularly. This is something that will not change. We feel as it is the founding building blocks for the creation of the server. The three of us always try to perform our best in a professional manner, and we do hold players to the same accountability. We want to create a fun safe environment that people of many ages can play for the nostalgia. Adam - Owner Javatar - Game Developer Joffery - Web Developer Now let's get to the good stuff; Content I Support RevonX If you would like to support this server I will provide a logo below. Everyone at the RevonX team would surely appreciate it. Credits; A Special Thanks These are some great people, and I would like to thank them even if it was the slightest of help. Thanks guys!<3 Chafile Omni Thee Wolf Displee Life RSPSi Nikolas
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