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  1. Kier

    Kier's Models

    oh yeah we can provide anims on the relevant item sets, obviously it adds to the price but that's normal for RSPS modelling services. if you ever need anything my discord is Kier#3265 or @kier in the rsps-community discord
  2. - Sorry for thread being a bit small, isn't usually so small on other forums but still readable so i'll leave it.
  3. Kier

    New Banners

    awesome dude
  4. Kier

    Kier's Models

    Another lil Update.. Some WIP Skeletal PvP Armour.
  5. Kier

    Kier's Models

    can't edit my post... here's a badly rendered image of an AK i made.. also sized/modelled to fit and work on RSPS, swiggity sweg.
  6. Kier

    Kier's Models

    Im actually a game designer - and i specialised in 3d modelling so i've just about done everything, somehow being obsessed with low-poly art makes my RS models look how they should i need ideas for more designs though so i can get to it!
  7. Kier

    Kier's Models

    thanks for the spoiler fix dude, they're all from scratch yes. i make them in blender of all programs, lmao
  8. Kier

    Kier's Models

    Hello! I'm Kier & This is my models thread. I haven't been doing this for very long but i am here to show off/release some of my Models. check back frequently as i will be updating the thread as often as i can! Here's a Showcase of my models so far (The ones i've rendered so they're actually viewable anyway!)
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