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  1. These are actually very nice considering that you are still new to photoshop. I know I fixed up the Admin one for you, but to replicate that line on every other userbar you could take the eraser tool and lower the hardness to 0, and then lightly erase the sides of it to give it a nice glow effect. Also the text seems poorly aligned in some of them, for example the Ex-staff, owner, and sponsor. I would also keep a consistent font size throughout the userbars, For example, helper should be the same size as Owner, Admin, etc. But I like the way you presented the icons. Nice job! I hope to see more of your work and I can't wait to see you improve as a designer.
  2. For the last three banners, the owner provided me with the button.
  3. Nikolas

    Eternal Banners

    One thing I regret is not using the same text layer style as I did on the side one. Also probably gonna find something to replace the sparks, I do overuse them lol.
  4. Nikolas

    Galaxy Banner

    I always appreciate your feedback and am glad your always one of the first to comment on these haha.
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