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    Finally on spring break! :yay: Getting some more jobs and ill start showcasing more of my work. Here is my most recent logo I made for a server called 'Vanguard'
  2. Logo's Animated Banners Client Backgrounds Threads Youtube Art
  3. Logo's Animated Banners Client Backgrounds Threads Youtube Art
  4. Nikolas

    RSPS COMMUNITY Designer Rank The Designer status is a rank that is given to those who have shown that they are proficient with the program that they use for designing, and are trusted designers in the community. These are the members who are always active in the Image Manipulation or Graphics Designer category of the forums and constantly posting feedback, and contributing to the section. Requirements In order for a application for an application to be sent out you must meet all of the following requirements: You must be good with the program you use, you should be a skilled designer. You must be active within the section and participating in any graphics design events. You must be a trusted member and have a clean history. (no scamming, no ripping, etc.) How To Get The Rank Once you have met every requirement on the list, you may contact Nikolas or another designer and an application will be sent out. After you have filled out your application, there will be a vote amongst the current designers of the community.
  5. Nikolas

    I’m a big fan of the green one. The border is nice and the way the text is presented it great :)
  6. Nikolas

    Please note that the background is grey because it matches the exact rune-server background. This is to give it a more transparent look on the site
  7. Vouch, hes done videos for my server in the past and has brought in a decent amount of players. Good luck selling
  8. Nikolas

  9. Nikolas

    Don’t let this distract you from the fact DJ Khaled has been working out for 2 years and hasn’t lost any weight
  10. This section is for those who want to share / release their own work. You can only release things that YOU have made or things that have already been released on OTHER websites. Leaks are NOT allowed These are only FREE resources, and buying/selling is not permitted
  11. Nikolas

    Looks awesome! Can’t wait to check some of these out
  12. Nikolas

    Welcome aboard brother! If you need anything or have any questions let us know!
  13. Do not sell or offer services in this section. You can not link any sales threads or advertise your services here. Do not claim work that isn't yours. If you didn't make it, don't showcase it. This section is for you to showcase YOUR work to receive feedback and improve yourself as a designer. Flaming / Drama / Spam is NOT allowed Joke threads, or non-legit showcase threads are not allowed Anything posted for the intent of gaining a higher post count is NOT allowed. This includes poor feedback such as "nice dude" or "i like that logo" When leaving good feedback, try to point out 1-2 things they can improve on, 1-2 things that you liked about the design, and how they can make it better RULES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE Happy showcasing! ;D

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