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  1. Rest in Peace Blank's poll 5/5/2019 - 5/6/2019
  2. Ruby

    The Staff Team

    assigning them to sections is good because you'll easily be able to tell who's doing a good job and who's not
  3. Ruby


    not sure if you're allowed to post discord links without affiliate. i'm not impressed by this project at all. post media showcasing something new cause all i see is outdated interfaces, content that every other server has, and putting something like " Boss points, Barrows points, Slayer Points & More! " is not going to make anyone jump into playing your game. good luck.
  4. I will send you one on discord.
  5. if you make a web developer rank you'll have to give me that and forum mod :kappa:
  6. I believe we both misunderstood each other. I'm assuming that the community would not be interested in removing the activity log based on my past experiences. It will definitely kill your website growth and health at a steady pace, in my opinion. People use the profile activity log to find posts for certain members. However, it is possible to make it toggle-able if you find someone with the right knowledge that is willing to do it. I'm sure you'll come to a good solution.
  7. thank you, friendo.
  8. I'm not the owner. I am the security expert and web developer for this and I believe the role-info said I would not be omitted from being a server owner and/or programmer role. Up to you.
  9. i don't think you realize what you said to me. do you think i don't know what a poll is? am i allowed to give my (completely valid and intellectual) input without being told something completely obvious or is only your staff team allowed? sorry if this sounds rude, it's not meant to be. i'm literally so confused.
  10. the poll says no and i'm furthering the point on why it was 80% voted no. i am part of that % as a community member and you're a staff member, therefore you are not. so... what are you getting at?
  11. it takes one line of code to do this, however, there just isn't any use in making someone do work that the community isn't interested in. to add onto that, it could even be detrimental in the future because most people do enjoy having that log for a reference.
  12. sorry for the early bump (if that's a rule yet) here's some media. fyi,   has been fixed since this animation was recorded for the word drops, it looks off in this GIF. If you wish to see anything more, visit the website. cba to post crap tons of media here.
  13. Hello everyone! I'm not going to waste any time bragging about my previous work but I will give you my projects at the bottom of this thread for you to view and determine if I'm fitting for your desires. I also will not waste your time with any prices. If you want a whole site done it will cost you anywhere from $100-300. This includes front-end, back-end, landing page, theming, misc scripts and security BUT I also do individual tasks that will cost you much less. Development Front-End (Theming, Landing Page, Responsiveness): $20-50 depending on the complexity Back-End (Databases, Apps, Security): $10-100 depending on the complexity Implementation (Forum Setup/Installation): $10 Terms of Service -Please note that I am a security expert and I am fluent with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, Ruby, SQL, Python, and TCL but I WILL NOT be paid to write scripts that will be harmful to the RSPS community. If you have any desire to do this, I will not work for you despite how much money is offered. -A few people have asked me and I regret to inform you that I do not write PHP. It's one of the dumbest languages I've ever seen and I refuse to learn it. If any of your tasks involve PHP, you will have to bring in a 3rd party. -I will work on anything but Xenforo. If you use Xenforo, go to hell. Thank you. -I accept payment with Paypal through friends and family only. Depending on if I know you or not, I am willing to work until you are able to pay me, however, most of the time it will be half up front and the other half upon completion of a task. -I am NOT a designer. Any graphics that you want will be supplied by you and I will not start working on any homepage until you show that you have all of the graphics supplied. -I am a fast worker but keep in mind that I work on MY time, not yours. If you wish for me to work on your time, that can be arranged with more pay. -If you attempt to scam me and/or you act fishy to me in any way I will instantly back out, no questions asked. If you have a bad reputation as an Owner or server, I will not work for you. I will not have my good name plastered on negative projects. Security If you are wondering what I can/will do security-wise I will fill you in below: -I will consistently write scripts in dealing in: (keep in mind, I will only add the scripts that are needed. a few web panels already offer some of these protections) Sanitization (XSS attacks, injection attacks in general) Responsiveness (Ways of making your website respond faster to clicks despite the incoming traffic) Brute-Forcing (Yes, I can also provide a way to stop login attempts --in any way you wish-- if the server has denied them) Protection against Click-Jacking STS (Denying any MITM attacks) Certificate Spoofing Attacks Projects Currently I am working on two projects: Illerai Venom RSPS - Near-Reality Remake If you're interested in me at all, feel free to check out my work! You can contact me via Discord: Ruby#3962
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