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  1. thanks boys. feeling welcome already
  2. eyy i know you
  3. Metal Raimon

    Kier's Models

    ikr that thing looks sick as hell! id love to see an item like that in a rsps
  4. Metal Raimon

    Kier's Models

    this is stunning work my dude. Mad props to this, a +1 from me :O!
  5. Metal Raimon


    Hello Anatomical! Nice to see someone with expierence on here my man. Hope to work with you in the future
  6. Hello everyone! My name is Justin, better known as Metal Raimon. I'm a rsps youtuber whose been making videos since early 2008, but started getting more serious about it in 2013, at which point I deleted all my older videos from my previous account and made a new one dedicated to RSPS videos. Mostly known by rsps players as "that dude from grinderscape", I've been growing more and more recently with my spawnpk series. 22 Years old and from the Netherlands, glad to meet you all. Hope to become a part of this community and can't wait to see it grow more! For any questions or simply for chit chatting feel free to either pm me on this forums or on discord! My channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY8TYj5KyYtRVxJAb9sZKnQ?view_as=subscriber
  7. A full playlist of all the episodes out so far (updated with every release!) Hope you enjoy
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