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  1. this guy 100% is who got me into makeing art... i bug him prob way to much lol.. yea i need to learn to allin things.. not sure if there is a tool for that or not.. and the font i thought about that but some of them are so long i couldn't get them to fit.. any tips on that? just make them all small also? and helper is so big cus i couldent make it readable lol when it was small the shadowing was hideing it.. and i gave up LOLOL
  2. What do you guys think of these? 1 of my first creations
  3. Got a few more but file size is 2 big and well upload limit is small so. soz for more then 1 post lol i tryed
  4. nop.. its all about pookie.. ALL HAIL POOKIE!
  5. @Tater Pie Yea i can show u how to do the postbits its easy... Also on the categories might be able to do this if i understand what the user is asking.
  6. i agree 100% top list much better looking
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