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  1. Adam


    Welcome! Happy to see new members in the community!
  2. Thank you both! Great quality of life improvements @Tater Pie @Erza
  3. Adam

    Nes RSPS

    Puts loads of time into his videos & isn't afraid to speak the truth. If you want your server to succeed through youtube video advertisements, this is your guy and listen to his opinions. Vouch for Nes.
  4. Adam

    Work pics

    The more I get to know Tater, the more I realize he is a man of many crafts @Tater Pie
  5. Nice work! The hard work doesn't go unnoticed, that's for sure.
  6. Adam

    Vigorous Banner

    @Nikolas Dude I really like this. It really reminds me of my banner. Amazing work as usual Nik
  7. Adam

    Vanguard Banner

    Nice work Nik!
  8. Nice thread man! Keep up the good work
  9. Adam

    Hello - Zeeks

    Guess we are getting old huh? LMAO
  10. Adam

    Hello - Zeeks

    Welcome Zeeks! Made me chuckle a bit when you mentioned Allstar, did you ever play Frugooscape?
  11. Thanks! I was trying to figure out where the spoiler was when I first made it but I forgot and I added it! Thanks for reminding me! Hope to see you on maybe ;)?
  12. Adam

    Hey guys

    Welcome, nice to have you on the team! Look forward to working with you!
  13. I think it is good the way it is now. By making it hidden it will just limit what people see; At the moment, we want people to see everything so they can easily navigate through the site and converse with people, this makes the forums not look dead. Possibly, in the future when we have tons of active members it might be a good idea to do this so everyone isn't getting constantly spammed, and by that time everyone would be pretty fluently with forum navigation. As of right now I think it is an essential part of the founding of the forums.
  14. Yes, I just want to know if there is a way to vet the reviews more, and actually check to see if someone has fully looked into the server etc.
  15. I think we should use both, except the actual top-list should provide incentives. We should also maybe limit the amount of characters like most top-list's do instead of it being a post it could be a short description. Also, by having an actual forum post advertisement it allows owner's to give out content updates every week and hear feedback without a review that is permanent. Side note: I love the review system on the top-list although, I think that we need a better way to actually vet the reviews given. For example, you can only post a review if you actually hopped on that server and maybe it will calculate how long the person has actually been on the server for. Without this way people who have never even played the server can bash the server for no reason. I've seen happen in other communities. If there was a way we require servers to be linked via forums somehow ( I would have to look into this more) it would be great. We can make it so that the person has to have played the server for 30 mins in order to leave a review or something. There would have to have extensive work to be done in this case but again it's just an idea. Never hurts to look into it, if it's too complicated then we can find an alternative.
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