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  1. If you haven't already read our Release date and update calendar, please see it here. Also, stay tuned for the update coming tomorrow!
  2. Stay tuned for more updates this Sunday!
  3. Hey guys, This week is going to be packed with new updates regarding the implementation of new and OSRS content. You can expect to the following major updates within the next patch: Inferno: 3 Jads and the Boss fight for now New quests: Calm before the Storm, Age of the Barbarians, The Art of Cooking, Troll Colosseum Duel arena remake Mage Arena II and III, releasing the Greater Modern Spellboo New pets: Filtia (Filtiarn), Lil Maple (Baron Maple) Aerial fishing Alchemical Hydra with the addition of the Alchemical Bow by fusing the Hydra's spine with the Seercull The Alchemical Bow: The Alchemical bow is a new indirect addition to the Alchemical hydra's drop table. It is made by attaching a Hydra tail to a Seercull and requires a Ranged level of 75 along with a Ranged prestige level of 1 to wield. The upgraded bow acquires an attack bonus of +80, fitting for its tier, up from the Seercull's +69. It also gains innate ranged strength, which is dynamically calculated as 20% of your Ranged level. When in combat, the bow uses its own strength to calculate your max hit and disregards that of your ammunition. Additionally, it has a passive effect that increases your max hit after every consecutive hit on the same target, and it can stack up to 10 times. The increments are calculated as 1/64th of your Ranged level. The alchemical bow has a special attack, Sirenic Arrow, which grants 17.5% accuracy to your next shot and increases its damage by 3 for every time you've stacked the bow's passive effect against your opponent. These values are doubled against NPC's.
  4. Thanks guys. More updated for you Welcome to this week's patch notes. Most of last week's patch updates were merely controlling and eradicating bugs that made the server look unplayable. This week, we revisit features that needed tidying up, as well as some new content implementations. Let's get started! Hunter: PitfallsPitfall traps were disabled due to a data update. Because of this change, players were unable to access the left click 'Trap' option and set up a pitfall trap.Alongside this fix, we have also reviewed delays, animations cancellations and more elements increasing the proficiency of the skill.Combat: Improvements and ChangesThe combat system had many aspects that made it feel clunky and difficult in certain situations.We've revised over the code and have made improvements to certain aspects improving both PvM and PvE actions.Client Updates: The Wiki orb has received increased performance efficiency The Bank system has been remastered dismissing the issues of glitchy tabs Multiple Interfaces have*received edits to the positions of some components The world has had some improvements to its rendering*and lighting to make it feel more like OSRS Npc's, Objects, Players,Items now have 3D click-boxes Menus have been re-written to perform proficiently Fog has been given a more of a depth feel HD Minimap has been improved You can now zoom on the mini map* You can now Zoom on the World map Media Mode has been improved and now has some new functions The chatbox system has been improved to be quicker and has more support for things for the future* Some issues with Packets have been fixed Optimised many client files to produce higher quality gameplay and minimising memory usage Added the latest OSRS Data* Resizable client issues have been resolved The Option tab now has a button for Fullscreen Mode Logging into the game will no longer cause any restrictive issues The tweening system has been re-vamped to produce higher quality frame rates and smoother animations In other news... The Zamorak godsword special attack graphics have been lowered to properly fit the character The Looting bag has been finished entirely. Players can now open the bag when looting and check what's inside The spells Stun and Enfeeble now work as intended Creating a Dragonfire shield or ward will now grant a chunk of smithing experience Players will now be unable to receive any more experience when they have hit 99, under the maximum prestige (at 5th prestige, you can hit 200m experience) Fixed the usage of Darts, now proper execute animations, graphics and projectiles Fixed range project delays, duration and hit delays The 3rd Age 2h Sword now has it's appropriate 65 attack requirement and is now recognised as a 2h sword Fixed Toxic blowpipe level requirements Fixed combat variations of Cows and Cow calves The Serpentine helmet now protects from Vorkath's venom All special attacks that have effects scaling off of damage have now been fixed (e.g. Saradomin/Bandos godsword, Toxic blowpipe, etc) The Max Hit indicator has been fixed and will now show the correct damage for magic, ranged and melee (for magic, you must select a spell to autocast) The Arceuus spellbook monsters can now be attacked Arceuus reanimations now have appropriate animations and graphics Arceuus teleports are now available Fixed the voting booths around the world, now you can vote from these booths as well as browse the voting store for imbues and more Defenders now will not activate against non-attackable NPCs such as Larupia, Graahk, etc. Players will be unable to auto-retaliate against non-attackable NPCs also The Digsite winch for the Lost Treasure quest now works as intended A bucket spawn has been added to the Digsite exam centre Fixed some spacing issues with the Arceuus spellbook tooltips Poison spiders and scorpions now poison Tz-Kih in the Fight caves now drain 1 prayer point per attack Fixed the Trident of the Seas and Swamp not updating properly when charging it with runes You can now cast spells while using Charged Tridents The Blood Money Exchange has now received altered prices Tridents have now been disabled in Wilderness PvP Fixed the Uzer Archaeologist's options Players can now use the Amulet of Glory operation from the equipment tab Marble Gargoyles now have their correct animations and attacks The Ancient crystal has been removed from the Revenant's drop table The Abandoned digsite's finds have been moved to Uzer's Digsite and repopulated with a new finds table: Level 40: Remains and bones Level 43: Ancient Signet (1/24) Level 46: Mjolnir's (Guthix, Saradomin, Zamorak and Zaros) (1/32) Level 49: Mysterious Emblem (t1) (1/64) Level 52: Ancient Emblem (1/256) Level 56: Ancient Crystal (1/512) The Rage mechanic now generates lower amount of rage when within Multi combat areas, deducting 1 point of rage for each entity attacking you (minimum rage generation per hit and block is 1) Players can now find map pieces leading to Ungael (1/128). The map pieces can be pieced together by Torfinn, granting a large chunk of Archaeology experience and unlocking Vorkath. Fixed instanced NPCs not being removed when the player is out of the instance Fixed ring morphisms The Last Man Standing teleport now correctly teleports players to the correct destination Players can now load their Toxic Staff of the Dead with a maximum of 11,000 Zulrah scales for the 1/4 chance of envenoming their target The Venom Hitsplat has been fixed now showing it's appropriate icon The Critical strike hitsplat has been changed to a newer version Development Diary: Age of the Barbarians The History of the Visigoth's "The sight of death leaves something excruciating within you. But to be tormented for no reason other than lust for other's pain is beyond words." -Bjornn Age of the Barbarians is a Hard Quest that outlines the history of the long forgotten Visigoth tribe. With this quest opens a whole new extension to players, including a minigame called Spirits of the Damned, which has new armour and weapon rewards, and will take a Lore chapter spot in the 'Chapters of Illerai'.To read more about Age of the Barbarians, click here.More media:
  5. Thanks guys. Here are our latest updates: This month has been all about squashing them pesky bugs! A few systems have been reformed to efficiently execute their purposes and extend your gameplay pleasures. The next coming weeks we plan on spending more time on fixing all bugs in order to deliver a smooth launch. Additionally, we also plan on finishing some of the existing systems and add new ones. As always, if you haven't joined our Discord or registered on our Forums, make sure to do so for more information. Without further ado, here is this week's patch notes! Game Additions: Custom Graphics have been re-added to the game for spells within the Greater Modern Spellbook Aesyr PvP armour has been added alongside the Aesyr and the GlitzLit Caverns Added new emotes tab with unlockable emotes You can now purchase a house for 250k gold coins from the Estate Agent. He can be found in the General store on the second level. Client now should be Loading Faster Reduced the amount of Memory the client uses Archaeology shows as Grey scale if you have not finished Lost Treasure Added effects for Opal, Pearl, Jade, Topaz and Sapphire enchanted bolts All dragon bolt variants have been added  The Fishing trawler now updates the water indicator every 6 seconds, generating 1 percent for each hole open (up to 8 every 6 seconds) The Parry mechanic is now half effective against players These changes must be tested as we are balancing the mechanic for PvP related purposes The Rune pouch system has been re-written for efficiency The Looting bag system has been re-written for efficiency Your bank items now load upon requesting to bank (quicker login time) Your lost pets will now load upon viewing lost pets (quicker login time) Bug Fixes: Uncut onyxes are now allowed inside a Gem Bag! Using the special attack of a Toxic Blowpipe now heals you for 50% of the damage dealt Various dialogues have had grammer and/or spelling mistakes fixed. You can now pick up as many uncleaned finds from digsite piles as you desire Cleaning finds is now 2.4 seconds faster per clean Fixed an issue with using items on objects Fixed Serpentine helm spamming the message when the player does not have a helm on. It will now also update properly when degraded. Poison and Venom will not tick when you have interfaces opened. Runelite Bars now show correctly. Previously they were in an off position All Trees now have the correct Textures Fixed A issue with slow Starting times and high Memory Fixed Dragonfire shield constantly stopping when charging with dragonfire Fixed enchanted crossbow bolt special attacks Fixed ranged strength calculation issues Fixed crossbow and bolt requirements Fixed barrow effects Fixed issues to do with Dharok applying it's set buff to other weapons Fixed a combat issue with a certain Greater Demon variant You cannot attack NPCs while under them and vice versa Fixed barrow set effects triggering on each hit. There's now a 25% chance, matching OSRS (Toxic) Staff of the Dead now requires 75 Attack and 75 Magic to wear Quest tab will now update upon completing the tutorial Fixed Runic tome passive constantly proccing without the item The wilderness now starts 3 tiles after the wilderness ditch, instead of directly after jumping over You can now teleport in the wilderness up to level 20, rather than level 19 Fixed the aggression range of Wilderness bosses Scorpia will now walk over her minions instead of being stuck and safe spotted The Oneiromancer spawn in Slayer tower has been removed Players can now purchase ammo mould from the mechanic at home Toxic blowpipes now have their proper projectile graphics depending on the ammo stored The toxic blowpipe will now update correctly when adding charges and ammunition Fixed items noting as other items or not un-noting Players will now be unable to fix Olaf's lyre before speaking with him regarding it's repair The Home teleport spell will now be properly cancelled when moving after casting it (within the wilderness only) Fixed items not updating properly in the bank interface Boss Alterations: Exoden: Drop Mechanics: Those who deal at least 150 qualify for a drop Those who deal at least 500 damage get two drop rolls Corporeal Beast: Added Corporeal beast mechanics and revised drop table Tramples players underneath the Beast Sends out a Dark Core when players hit over 32 (rolled: 12.5%) Will switch targets to anyone damaging over 32 Dark core jumps to target player location healing 25% of the life stolen Vorkath: Acid pools will now damage players appropriately if they are on the tile The Zombie Spawn will now negate range, melee and magic damage if the spell is not Crumble Undead No longer will Vorkath spawn twice if the player has died to him previously The proper Vorkath head now drops instead of it's Construction counter part Noted dragonhides can now be dropped without the item destruction interface appearing Vorkath's head can now be applied to Ava's accumulator Thank you for showing interest in Illerai. Until next time! Kind Regards, - Illerai Staff Team
  6. 5th of May: Feature revision and changes, Client efficiency overhaul and Development blog Illerai is a unique 317 server loading OSRS data that strives to build a new world with new lore to uncover and tasteful custom content to engage in. With entirely new quests to set out on, never-before-seen bosses to battle, new rewards to reap from them, and new maps to explore, we seek to double down on the vision of Old School RuneScape; to expand upon the game that we came to love back in the day without squandering everything that makes it what it is. Illerai's standards are upheld in no small part by the awesome work of modelers such as Ziva, lumplum, Draxaca and Maximax. What we want to achieve with Illerai is to create a gameplay experience of its own right. We want you to marvel at the game you have known for so long in a way you probably haven't for a long time. To this end, our signature addition to the combat system was born, a new skilling-focused game mode was implemented, and a few new bosses came to be. Since the original release of the server, the aforementioned combat mechanic has been entirely revamped, Skiller Mode was rebalanced, more boss additions have been made, more skilling additions have been planned, the lore has been rethought and quests have been written. Here at Illerai, our utmost pride is the original content that gives the server its personality. New additions have been made to various aspects to the game, and each of them has been carefully thought out from the drawing board stages to ensure that they fit within our vision, that they're fun, and that they organically assimilate into the game we all know and love. Combat enhanced The Divine Keystones Illerai's signature addition to the combat system allows you enhance your combat performance in various ways by receiving a god's blessings and investing points into the individual attributes offered by your received blessings. These points will become obtainable from many different sources, encouraging a diversified gamestyle that rewards engagement with the many different aspects of the game in order to unlock our new system's full potential. New bosses Our server counts with a few new bosses that test the waters of what RSPS can achieve in that front. This gives players new major goals to work towards with the new tools they can acquire and provide fresh, tough, and satisfying challenges. Custom Items & New Skill! New additions have been made to the game, but not left and right. Contrary to what certain other servers would have you believe, there is such a thing as adding new items within reason, and our reasons typically involve the original content you're reading about. After all, you can't have new PvM challenges or custom quests without offering new rewards to go with them, and lucky for us we count with just that. Recoloring items doesn't have to make them look completely awful, the old can be built upon if done with care and the new can blend in as well. If you like what you're seeing and intend on playing (or just wish us the best regardless!), you should definitely make some room in your signature for our support banner! [CENTER][noparse][URL="https://www.rune-server.ee/runescape-development/rs2-server/projects/684966-179-illerai-leaders-innovation.html"][IMG=https://i.imgur.com/mEZwBY1.png][/URL][/noparse][/CENTER] [/CODE] [/CENTER]
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