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  1. It has been my pleasure to work with this community and staff. I will continue to satisfy alongside my colleagues for the betterment of the community and it's prosperity.
  2. Thanks for allowing me to create something this clean (Also, I fixed the usergroups, yay!!)
  3. Not going to waste your time with a boring intro. I know why you're here. You want quality, cheap services. You've came to the right place, my friend. You can contact me on my discord below (I ONLY USE DISCORD OR PM HERE) Discord: Erza#9999 Unique ID: 379484222630395904 Accepting PayPal - I'll accept OSRS/RS3 but below is my conversion (person I sell to buys it for that) My conversion: 15.6M OSRS = $10 100M RS3 = $10 My Policy Don't try and hustle me for more than you're paying Customer will pay first unless I consider you extremely reputable (if you have a problem with this, there are other website developers) Don't waste my time if you're just going to go to someone else for services If I give you a time limit of how long something will take, please allow me that amount of time You are FULLY OBLIGATED to a refund if I can't complete a service due to unforeseen complications Things I am willing to do and their prices Website Redesigning ($15 / I will not create a homepage unless I have all the assets to the creation of it) Highscores, Store and Vote Implementation/Website Setup ($5-10 per imp/setup, MUST HAVE YOUR OWN FILES - I WILL NOT PROVIDE IT) IPB Forum Software Implementation + Setup ($10 - includes select plugins and complete board setup) Forum Theming ($10-15+ MUST HAVE OWN GRAPHICS / depending on difficulty and how long it takes / includes responsive coding) Just need some boards or plugins? PM me and I'll do it for free Servers/Communities I've worked with: Illerai (short stint, nothing I worked on was kept) Indova (Current "Dark" Theme redesign, managed forums for 3 months) SoulSplit 2019 (Current Forum Mod / Fixed a few issues with theme design) Katagon (Secret theme, can PM me for a preview of it as they have not released it yet) RSPSCommunity (Created current theme) Krator - (Website still under development) It's not much but a preview of some of my work
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