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  1. MonoBeast

    Galaxica Logo

    Not sure why but that image isn't showing brother @Nikolas
  2. MonoBeast


    @Wayne I'm happy to have you apart of the community. Hopefully you stay with us as I would like to communicate about future development with in the community. Welcome brother.
  3. I do absolutely love these!
  4. MonoBeast


    I like that you have taken the time to leave this rather detailed suggestion thread. I will definitely review and talk this over with @Tater Pie Thank you so much for your efforts.
  5. Loved the "Never Lucky" transition in the beginning. Made me laugh. Very nice video, informational about the server which is good and the content from you is never lacking. I love it man could watch them all day, keep it up.
  6. Nik I quit making banners because of this gorgeous piece of work lol you put me to shame
  7. Jesus. I wish I had a better computer to be able to do and follow this tutorial. You did a great informational thread. I love it I hope it stays updated my man. Would definitely help out beginners.
  8. MonoBeast

    Galaxy Banner

    Everything flows so we'll, the color scheme, the button, the logo especially. It's all very well done. Only thing I would change is maybe the particles moving over the banner. That is a little out of place, or just slow it down. Other than that the font transitioning is very smooth I love that. You did very well on this man. I like it.
  9. Love it tater. Thank you for your hard work, I hope your killing it irl man!
  10. MonoBeast

    Work pics

    Pretty cool to see more of what you do. I think it's very cool to shed some light on that for everyone to better understand what makes tater tater.
  11. MonoBeast

    Hello - Zeeks

    Thank you for the introduction, short but sweet. I look forward to your activity here. Welcome to the community.
  12. Such a beautiful thread! I love it man keep the updates coming!
  13. Very nice thread. Well put together. Hope to see some of your future work showcased here.
  14. I vote no. Reason being is because the only threads that would need to be hidden would be update threads, or threads others are working on to be released. In which case they can copy and paste into notepad to save. Other than that I see no reason to have a hide activity option.
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