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  1. Kai

    Welcome @kiwi Very glad to have you, hope to see you around and active
  2. Kai

    Not bad brother! I love my paint brush haha.
  3. Kai

    Thanks guys! I'm thinking about doing a giveaway for these haha
  4. Kai

    Not even sure what this is? but yeah good thread.
  5. Another amazing video! I will have to show you how to make thumbnails soon!
  6. Kai

    Very happy that we could finally get these out.
  7. Kai

    It's gorgeous! OMG No complaints or tips of improvement !
  8. Kai

    This tastes very bad... Aye? R S H I A
  9. Kai

    Very useful contribution to the community! Thank you for the upload brother!
  10. Kai

    We need to add bbcode in the thread template as I spoke about before.
  11. Kai

    Very good YouTuber. Keeps the content hyped and always does a good job with content presentation.
  12. Kai

    I love having you here and apart of the team especially. Your advanced experience will come in handy with the progression of the community. Very glad your with us and the community will see that in time! Love you brother!

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