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  1. Krator is an apocalyptic version of Gielnor where evil and chaos has taken over. Throughout your adventure, you will notice the maps are a little spookier than before, and thus, breathing life into the content that surrounds it. The world is almost entirely PvP. There is no order, just mass chaos. While it does offer a select few safe-havens, they are few and far between. Additionally, we try to put a little spin on our content offerings. This isn't your average click-a-stall and gain wealth. If you want to take the life of the other adventurers around you, you'll have to grind the same as everyone else. No free rides here! What are you waiting for? Click below, we're dying to see you in game! https://discord.gg/GDP3gXz
  2. Pretty sick. I’ll probably use this information to have different projectile start pos for a caster (mainly bosses) for cool effects haha. Thanks
  3. This is sick dude, I'll be reading up on this as you post.
  4. Check out our NEW project layout on the first page! You will feel the suspense! In other news here are some recent updates - Editor/Viewer is now 100% complete - has the right restrictions - saving proper tables - proper editing slots - add new items to slots - the client has right click add new drop if you have the rights feature - Quest patch notes: - black minimap added - no clicking for quests unless its for dialogues - Daily UI Updates: - automatic reassign each day. - you only get dailies each day. And the number of dailies is assigned on the day you log in with a certain CB level... (example: level 1 log in I get low-level dailies. If I level-up to 100 on the same day, new dailies won't be assigned for a level milestone..) (if I log in on the second day as 100 I will level more dailies to do) - Can collect your daily reward from the UI. The reward will be about 1 bm each - Optional quest option popup to give you the option to start a quest or not. - locations placed for quest start areas such as (home church for quest 1) - The pool of rejuvenation at home got some tweaks with a timer to prevent any spam clicking or abuse of it... Perk updates: - Red skin now gives u 3 hp instead of 1 hp - Purple skin now regenerates 2 prayer points - Ultimate runner skin now depletes 1.25x slower than normal. - Toxic Zombie now avoids being poisoned - Zombie skin now repels aggro - Grey skin turns your minimap icon into a yellow dot. Perk: 100% complete - Activates perks upon buying - stupid prrof conditions before buying/adding to cart. - Removing items from cart - Checking out - changes skin upon buying. - hover buttons - description of changing - total value changes as u add remove cart item. Misc: - Run Energy now depletes. You also regain run energy. - Run orb updates correctly Here are some images.
  5. Highly suggest anyone starting a new server with a new base to consider starting with this. By no means is this mine nor did I contribute any work to it. I just thought the community should have access to it since i snagged a dl link before it got removed. Media: Some features - Autocrat - Make All (Unfinished but support to finish is all there, finished up to 3 items shown) - Perfect OSRS aesthetics - Display name changing - Lots of core changes and packet handling changes - World switcher - Price checker/GE Search interface - OSRS Logout screen - Collection log interface - Clickable links - Game chat filtering - 172 Data - Perfected combat interfaces, spec bar, spellbook interface - OSRS Texturing - OSRS Emote tab - OSRS Trade screen - proper OSRS spec bar - 100% Accurate combat attack style interface for EVERY weapon including hover over the text - Autocasting - OSRS achievement interface - OSRS Kourend favor interface - Redone chat handling - Tweaked resizable to make it more accurate to OSRS Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lgtorrqjjj4ygqz/Inferno 317.rar?dl=1 Based on Elvarg 3.1
  6. Misc: - Dynamic hover for draw interface started... - simple stuff for new hover for info
  7. This may be the last big update for a bit. Got some final exams coming up. Next batch of updates may be available next weekend along with an open alpha testing phase. Pm me or Belfort for the discord invite. Ancient brothers updates: - A lot of bugs with the UI controller have been fixed. - This includes the following but not all. - proper completion update save. - no need to refresh UI controller for npc if a decision is made - chest reward got some stupid proof conditions to make sure u complete minigame accordingly (4 passes) - Some client edits to make sure the default color is red if there was no decision. - failed is grey... - and completed is green Personal perk updates: - small quest tab hover interface added. - ATM just default text empty when there are no perks active. - started active perk system - completed timed system - started working on a way to handle all active perks for all players in the game through main server ticks rather than player ticks. - a player will be added into servers main perk tick queue, which will basically update all their active perks respectively every 600ms until expiration. - Perks are still not functional/purchasable - load active perks if any upon login - save perks on logout (note: perk timer goes down on logout, so don't be gone too long.) - Timer modifications to allow more flexible control. We go based on mins. 120 mins = 2 hrs ofc. mins elapsed must = -1 for it to deactivate. - Full server-side control of the interface. - synchronized countdown - can hover to quick view and toggleable to perm lock. - time also counts down during ur view of interface/ Weather its toggled or not, so u don't need to refresh the interface to update - perk is automatically removed/expired once minutes left = -1 so you get the full 60 seconds of 0 minutes left. Display active perks: - Full server-side control of the interface. - synchronized countdown - can hover to quick view and toggleable to perm lock. - time also counts down during ur view of interface/ Weather its toggled or not, so u don't need to refresh the interface to update - perk is automatically removed/expired once minutes left = -1 so you get the full 60 seconds of 0 minutes left. Perk Shop Interface Update: - Perk shop interface design started. - Hover over and the bottom area will show description. the left side will be your cart so when u click a perk it will add. When you click stackables the hover text will update for stackables. such as the XP boost... - perks are automatically linked to the button for perks that exist in the client. - this allows for dynamic control for when you hover over any perk, it will show respective description. - perk shop UI controller allows any modifications within the UI straight from the server. Perk Abilities: - Grey skin has been added. Ability grants you to be seen as a yellow dot - 1 hour time - cost is 4 blood money - All skin perks that get activated in the future will all reset to a predefined default skin color upon timer completion. - Yellow is done through player mask update so its an instant appearance update whenever skin changes. Grey skin perk - minimap icon becomes like an npc
  8. Some more updates for you ladies
  9. I find this to much of a learning curve and a drastic deviation from rsps which may limit the audience. Good luck none the less. A lot of work clearly has been put in.
  10. Neat, good luck with the project.
  11. Here are some updates that have been going on this past week. These are not huge content updates. Just small revisions that have been made for the alpha testing which will soon be open to discord members and maybe even the public.
  12. Lately, I've just been revising some of our old content to make sure they are working the way they should and having proper mechanics. In regards to those contents being revised, here are some of the latest updates:
  13. Its easy! It should be anyways. Remove however you have chatbox enable and only allow the block, then as an admin, you should have an arrow icon on the left of your page to allow you to manually drag and drop blocks. You would see chatbox and then you can just drag it onto the one page.
  14. I haven't been doing much server work these past few days. Mainly studying and getting the website started. I had trouble incorporating some custom php scripts to work with the IPS api which is what the forums uses. Was kinda hectic but i managed to get around it all and is now pretty much good. Some more information on the site will be relevant once domain name becomes available. Just trying to get the little parts out the way for a clean alpha launch. Some small but important minor updates for alpha testings (pm me to be notified immediately on time of alpha release) Things to do: look over both morrigans/vestas mingame bosses add support for npc drops to rewards editor.
  15. Nice theme, I used something like this style Looks clean
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