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  1. Guruu

    Thanks brotha :) Actually the maps where done my partner and Project manager Mr Belfort :). He didn't add custom areas except for the home (which was made by omni for me during an unreleased project of mine :D ) I'll defiantly keep that noted. Do check us out on the discord :) I post my updates there first before i post on forums with a block of updates :)
  2. Guruu

    smooth deleting + cascading boxes
  3. Guruu

    Final edits of the day
  4. Guruu

    Mainly have been working on the Rewards Editor UI. I have completed tons of stuff. Includes new tooltip hovers automatically based on container size meaning lets say common has 2 items there will be 2 boxes with edit tooltips/menu actions and invisible spots in the container will be "add new" Also added some lazy proofing to the editor so i can click more to edit rewards rather than type as much theres a couple of others things being done in the back end to make sure everything works like handling noted item replacements and container selections etc.
  5. Guruu

    I enjoy your commentating voice. It feels energetic and engaging. Would love to have you do videos for me in the future
  6. Guruu

    Quest tabs are back, with functionality for (achievements, quests, infotab) Quest progress saving and same for achievement was all ported over including the systems to support them to work Spawned some more npcs in edgeville... New home was placed consists of a 2 and 1 half part home home stuff in place with banks obejcts/fishing etc working again. Quests (has proper click to view progress) with red strikes on completed parts etc. Our achievements will be listed in a way where we will be easily spread word of all new content and an idea of where it can be located! i originally had a drop editor and well basically i'm redoing it cause it was kinda messy before. This editor will basically be able to edit all rewards (drops/crates/ancient brothers rewards/future minigames) Mainly any reward that uses the style of (Uncommon, Common, rare, very rare, or/and specials) - credits to omni for the sexy design I will most likely be getting rid of empty boxes that are not being used + 1, so there will always only ever be 1 empty box available at the end of a list. This way i can also put a Pages options to switch pages if you decide to load more then 20 drops in the table. Since i do not want 20 more ids to be used for the container i decided pages would be best to reload the next 20 items. Should be cool
  7. Guruu

    More on some updates I've been working on: Scene Manager to control Cut scenes and activity inside I basically went ahead and created a nice system to make everything look neat and organized and perform good play and go to next scene, unloads unused scens when done with it to put it simply, each scene contains tasks to play through, some scenes have multiple tasks playing during same scene for example 3 npcs doign something unique at the same time of actual scene took some time to setup the script to handle multiple scenes fluidly. Basic system allows the ability to add/edit each npc's task based on programmers design.. so no easy way to do this then manually creating what each npc task is doing at what times. Here's what the end result of this update should feel like: I'll have each city have some sort system to manage all npcs that are part of camp They will become visible/invisible based on some requirements. some will quests, others will be related to a reputation system. I'm going to take Belforts helping survivors idea which is integrated with discord, to be part of each city. I'll have city based rescue requirements in terrms of what u need to do to bring back survivors. Nothing will needed to be learned, it will all kinda flow naturally while u play the game. Lumbridge is the start city everyone will start at so if i can make it flow and work really well for starter area, players will already be looking out for these kinds of features across the game. i was thinking is there would be a min cutscene to follow, it would show all the original npcs, and during the main interaction on first and onyl guy at lumby, you'll find out that they will eventually be visible when u get to the part of the story line i could have them be shown too but idk would be intresting to see it populate and stuff cause i want to make it so like you can use the npcs for something like idk +1 hp on eating food if u have one of the civilians do it
  8. Guruu

    Daily UI has been tweaked to support categories Hovers for ui also is now associated with each text Rewoeked how server sends data so client cant update and draw interfaces appopiately (bug found by me from testing ui) All the ancient brothers combat scripts are completed in terms of what attacks they will use, and when they switch The UI that is associated with mingame is also fully functional supports popup on entrance, decides completed/fail once boss attack is started and damage is contributed Daily system is basically now complete Supports new set of dailys each day. supports increase daily current count supports completed daily I've also been working on shit ui which will basically help me spawn all our npcs nice and spread easily and quick Players will never be able to see or use this but yeah, I've just been working on a lot of the smaller details to make the game ready to play once we are there. NO ETA on that just yet. Sorry for the wait. for my use only Belfort has taken a lot of his time to create for us a wonderful simple and clean launcher. All credit goes to him for this Awesome partner, and a great guy! The play now button changes to update when their are updates required.
  9. Guruu

    Some update notes: Unique scripts for each... Zuriels combat script completed Statius combat script completed Ancient brothers UI Completed Dailies UI Completed. Implemented a controller for Ancient brothers UI The challenge is optional upon entrance. If accepted, UI Will be prompted. UI is draggable so you can move it out your way. UI will display your total damage contributed during its death if you even partcipated decision on whether u pass or fail the challenge phase will depend on 2 conditions if you participated in the death, this will then decide if you fail or pass. (20% higher damage contributed) note: U will not be able to leave after 20% you must kill the boss. Also note this is a global minigame and not like instanced...how barrows is Here are some images in regards to updates: UI is hover-able and toggle-able
  10. Guruu

    Discord Link: https://discord.gg/mFHaZAP The Team: Guruu Lead Server Developer Belfort Project Manager its.teewhy Lead Community Manager || Concept Review Blizardstorm Discord Manager I do have a Discord channel for the server now. If anyone wants to join please PM me. [SPOILER=Home Area]From the safety of Egg Island, you don't have to worry about zombies (or other players) attacking you here. Unfortunately, it's no longer armed with heavy crossbows and catapults, but the pirates and zombies don't know that. This portal is your key to riches... and possibly death. Through this portal, you have the opportunity to claim the most sought after loot and conquer the most difficult bosses. If you're lucky throughout your travels, you may come across a zombie that drops a crate. These crates contain supplies and highly sought after equipment. If you plan on surviving, these are crucial. [/SPOILER] After you spend some time in the apocalyptic world, you may be able to snag a skin. These will prove to be incredibly useful. A friend of mine mentioned a Discord bot being useful. I agreed, and thus, The Wise Old Man Bot was born. There will likely be more features in the future, such as auto-assigning roles from in-game. This bot was built using the Discord4J API. Do not use the one on Rune-Server, it is deprecated and no longer supported in required libraries (Discord4J). Start to finish, bugs knocked out as soon as I knew about them, this took about 16 hours of work. Current features: You can link your Discord account to unlock some extra commands. Share stats with the Discord server. See if a specific player is online. Display total level, combat level, total XP, your in-game rank, and more. Displays the current world event. Displays the current world perk. Displays your PvP kill count. Announce rare drops. Announce when a player reaches 99 in a skill. PM you when you unlock a new Prayer. PM you when you get a rare drop. If you don't have the item, don't even bother them! But if you do, you have the option to help. There is no penalty for saying "No". If you choose to help, you'll pick up some blood money.. and maybe something else if you're incredibly lucky. Also, there may or may not be a milestone at 100. I guess you'll have to find out. And no.. you cannot farm it. Looks like I got incredibly lucky. [*]Mad Scientist area has been reworked completely. [*]Skilling area has been started and finished. [*]Mining rocks IDs have been updated. [*]Woodcutting tree IDs have been updated. [*]Thieving stalls have been updated and placed in the skilling area. [*]Your logger will now track Mad Scientist kills. [*]You can now display a string of your boss kills in Discord, ONLY if you've linked your account. [*]Added more drops to the Mad Scientist. [*]Herb box can now be opened for random herbs. [*]Survivors have been changed to spawn once every other hour. [*]Some pathfinding with combat has been fixed. [*]A training area has been added, in the northern part of the home area. [*]The quest tab will now update with your stats; place holders have been removed. [*]All of Varrock is dangerous. The only safe zone will be islands. [*]Banking has been fixed; insert item and tabs have no more bugs left that we've found. [*]Combat XP rates have been boosted significantly. [*]The Mausoleum now works; it is where all shops will be located aside from Death's BM shop. [*]You can change your appearance using the tents at home. Mad Scientist's Island: Skilling area: Training area: Golden Magnet, bonecrushers, upgrades, and thieving changes Golden Magnet: With a golden magnet, you no longer have to worry about retrieving your dropped currency. This can be upgraded to automatically bank your dropped currency as well. Bonecrusher: Bones are a hassle to pick up. No more! Bone crushers will crush bones automatically for you. This can be upgraded to automatically bank your dropped bones if you don't wish to bury them. Updated to #176 data. This update required a lot of pet/NPC IDs to be corrected. Respawn times for thieving stalls has been lowered & made the same across the board. Mad Scientist has been tweaked to have (much) more HP. [/SPOILER] [SPOILER=Misc. update/bug fixes] HP will no longer refill to the max amount upon level up. Undead cows now have 25 HP. Undead chickens now have 25 HP. You can now smelt in the skilling zone. You can now use the Runecrafting portals in the skilling zone. While killing the Mad Scientist, you may find a companion to accompany you. All fishing data has been entered.[/SPOILER]
  11. Guruu

    Thanks brother Hope you learn as much as I did
  12. Guruu

    This was a php site i built to get my web development certificate..It incorporated php/html/javascript. Some features to take note of is the, Login/Register Contains ajax usage to show you if username is available as you type Cart System Incomplete (checkout) [no paypal incorporated] Unlocked products system Once you checkout, the cart page will show you have already purchased and show a download button instead. Database name is : phpproject and you can download the sql here: phpproject.sql You can find the download on my github here: https://github.com/amandania/Php-Site Some images
  13. Guruu

    Welcome to the community
  14. Guruu

    Hey guys, just another silly release for those of you who are interested in programming outside of runescape private servers! Things you will need before being able to launch this successful Flask installed Php 7+ Python 3 That being said here are some helpful instructions on how to setup flask with the files. pcs.py is included in files download. Please note i used Postgres for my database. You can create one and replace connection string with the one provided on your dashboard: https://www.elephantsql.com/ export FLASK_APP=pcs.py $ flask run * Running on What you will be getting in the files, are a couple template pages (.html) some css, and python scripts. This is not a full python web application but, it defiantly contains a bit to get you learning PythonWebApp.zip
  15. Guruu

    Its a scala script which is built for java like kotlin sorta (functional programming) It will take the input in the link provided in download #1 and spit out an output. It's useful for big data problems. For example 70000 inputs are being processed parallel (using scalas map() function). The concepts could be useful to know when dealing with really large databases.

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