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  1. Too much for me to understand but amazing tutorial.
  2. Castiel

    Hello - Zeeks

    Welcome aboard my friend! Long time no talk.
  3. This is crazy. Some of the most unique content I have seen in a server. You guys are truly taking risks and breaking boundaries on what servers can be. A custom skill that is actually thought out is amazing. Most servers with a 'custom skill' is like PKing skill or something stupid along those lines This is an actual skill with real content. And the bosses etc. actually look like they fit into the game. Bravo guys!
  4. This is intriguing and I am interested in following it further :D.
  5. Forum Application Template/Regulations Thank you for showing an interest in joining our team. In order to apply you will need to meet a few criteria(note these are subject to change): 1. No recent punishments(3 months without incident) 2. 25+ Post Count(will check for spam) 3. Friendly and helpful attitude. 4. High quality posts in the section for which you are applying 5. If declined you may reapply after 2 weeks, any applications before then will be automatically declined. Template: We look forward to seeing your applications and having some new members join our ranks!
  6. Hello and Welcome to Asgardia This is a Custom RSPS that I have been working on. I believe custom server should be fun but also functional. A lot of the customs nowadays are cheesy and not well designed. I intend to keep some of the fan favorites but include some more professional designs into the mix. Links: Media: Recent Updates: Will continue to add more to this thread as I work more and more on the project. Thanks for taking the time to read it!
  7. I agree with Adam. Allow them to lurk and check us out, however make any downloads require a registration.
  8. I believe it is nice to have two options. One as a regular advertisement thread, which can update alongside the server. Then a Toplist. Which is how most sites operate.
  9. I think it looks great
  10. Castiel


    Welcome @kiwi Happy to have you around my friend!
  11. Castiel

    Vanguard Logo

    Always a huge fan of your work!
  12. I have played this server. It is solid and fun!
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