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  1. To kind of elaborate on the goal a bit... The driving idea behind this is having modularity. If you look at other scenes like World of Warcraft, you'll see that their main emulators (MaNGOS, for example) has a small team that develops the core of the emulator, and the community takes that developed core and writes the game content in via scripts. We want that same deal, but we (being ambitious) want to take it a few steps further. All of the expected things have to work... Cache loading and streaming, Encryption, Anti-bot features (added in newer client revisions). We aim to have the engine be compatible for all old-engine content. You can throw a cache from 194 and the server will automatically generate the CRCs for streaming the cache to clients that connect. Your revisions will be like a plugin, so if you want a 474 you provide a JSON file with the packet data for your desired revision. Then from there, we want to have everything that you can put in-game be scriptable. Want a quest? you could just do something like { "Quests": { "Cookie the Monster": { 1:{ "Alter_Speech":{ "NPC_ID":4332 "Question":{ "text":"Me love cookie! Do you know where I can find cookies?" "Speech_Anim":{"Target":0, "Anim": "Crazy_Rolly_Eyes"}#0 for NPC, 1 for Player "Option":{ "text":{"Err... I might know a baker in Lumbridge?" #ETC, ETC } } } } 2:{ } } } } Of course, we haven't established a scripting language for something like this yet, but a quick tool can be put together to add and edit these files to generate your these script bits. Once I'm settled into my new house, I'd like to treat this project as more of an open discussion. As we design, I would like to show you all a bit of how we determine what we want to do, identify any problems that will cause road blocks, and how we solved for those situations. I wish I have time to get into more detail but I'm moving through the weekend and will be tied up. If you have suggestions on how we present or discuss, please let us know.
  2. I would suggest that we put some stuff in place to deal with the bots, as I'd see that as a major issue with allowing guests, and I'd also say that it's like a trial. You get say 10 thread views in an hour. If people like the content, they'll sign up. Otherwise they'll be served extra ads up the ass and have to deal with that limit
  3. Instead of having a chat box, embed a discord channel. It'll help keep things unified
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