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  1. Dexter

    Now this is truly amazing, Keep up the good work @Tater Pie.
  2. Dexter

  3. Dexter

    Wow.. This is amazing! Would love to see more like this! It's just phenomenal @Nikolas.
  4. Dexter

    I really love #3! Great work Kai, You do nothing but improve, Keep us posted about any new layouts.
  5. Good work, It looks amazing, very clean & Interesting, I hope you keep working on this and improving it! I'll have to check it out in the future most defiantly.
  6. Dexter

    Hey everyone i go by Dexter in the Rsps-Community, I am a Java Developer, I am very familiar with a lot of faces in the Runescape world, I started playing Rsps around 2008-2009, I've been coding Rsps for about 4 Years now, Started from nothing learned everything on my own, I currently take Developing classes online, I would love too meet everyone in this Community, I will be very active, I'm also in the Discord chat aswell, Dexter#6802 If you need any help feel free to contact me via forums, Or discord! Hopefully i see everyone around! Sincerely, -Dexter

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