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  1. Dexter

    Hi Everyone!

    Welcome to the team @AdamRX
  2. This is honestly absolutely amazing, These texting are amazing & Your thread lay out is very good aswell, Overall good work man! Ill have to check it out sometime!
  3. Please stop bumping this theres only 1 page of content no need to bump. @Avernic
  4. Dexter


    Hello man, It’s dexter here! Ever have any questions feel free to mention me, And or pm me here or via discord! Hope to see you around the community!
  5. Hey @Fenrisus I don't really know you but i also agree with these other 2 fellows. I love seeing these type of things as i am myself a developer, It's amazing to see you wanting to improve the developing community, I hope too see more post like this i hope this help someone in need! - Dex
  6. Dexter

    Vanguard Logo

    Very smooth looking, I love seeing these post! Keep them coming baby! - Moderator Dexter
  7. Style of this thread is over all amazing, I think it would be a bit better if you added a bit more content, As it don't show very much it's pretty brief.
  8. Now this is truly amazing, Keep up the good work @Tater Pie.
  9. Wow.. This is amazing! Would love to see more like this! It's just phenomenal @Nikolas.
  10. Dexter

    New Banners

    I really love #3! Great work Kai, You do nothing but improve, Keep us posted about any new layouts.
  11. Good work, It looks amazing, very clean & Interesting, I hope you keep working on this and improving it! I'll have to check it out in the future most defiantly.
  12. Wish the best of luck! I'm not into custom servers myself, But keep us updated!
  13. Dexter

    Dexter Here!

    Hey everyone i go by Dexter in the Rsps-Community, I am a Java Developer, I am very familiar with a lot of faces in the Runescape world, I started playing Rsps around 2008-2009, I've been coding Rsps for about 4 Years now, Started from nothing learned everything on my own, I currently take Developing classes online, I would love too meet everyone in this Community, I will be very active, I'm also in the Discord chat aswell, Dexter#6802 If you need any help feel free to contact me via forums, Or discord! Hopefully i see everyone around! Sincerely, -Dexter
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