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  1. Hey sorry I accidently deleted your account while deleting spammers.
  2. this looks great everything is uniform all the colors blend perfectly together... 5/5
  3. Tater Pie


    I have been watching your activity in the discord, especially the invites and you are doing amazing work there. Welcome to the forums I can't wait to see what you bring to the table whether it be quality code or just good company I'm gonna be more active here in the coming weeks and try and get this forum back on track
  4. Hello and welcome to the forums. Love to see people using out ad sections and toplists :)
  5. Great work! this is simplicity at its finest honestly I think these simple ones are some of your best work tbh and probably saves you production time im sure by not having too many effects. 5/5
  6. Thanks for using the toplist! Your server looks great man kudos. Hope you guys do great and i know you will!
  7. This is great. I have always wondered about the arc in the projectiles because it's fucked on almost every server I've ever been on, and that's one bug I've never tackled cool tho thanks for posting this
  8. Its all super simple shit you just have to watch the videos and want to learn
  9. I like your style but you gotta come up with some new effects xD the simplicity is perfect tho all your attention is drawn to the content
  10. So I know Impulser already made a C# version of open rs that loads java libraries, well this is a native version of open rs that uses zero java dependencies I did this for SDF a while back and ended up not using it and writing my own, mostly based on this theres also a couple other stuff i converted over to sharp from java in there like compression utils and shit, i removed all the @author tags along the way, heres the credits from open-rs on rune-server: Graham `Discardedx2 Paulo Barreto and Vincent Rijmen (Whirlpool implementation) Keiron Liddle (bzip2 implementation) theres no pictures but heres the download : I just translated it to C# which is pretty easy considering java and C# are almost identical in syntax theres a few data differences I'm not sure if this works 100% but it should in theory
  11. These are the projects i love to see. nice video, and I don't think you were out of line at all to say this is the best server to date. They have far surpassed any content that any other server has offered and I know that the developers are way better programmers and actually know their shit so I'm really excited to see how far this project goes and have been waiting 10+ years to see someone stick to, and host a project like this where the time has been taken to perfect each feature unlike most servers like you say where they're just thrown together an hour here and there over the course ofa couple years by people who don't even understand what the code is doing
  12. Yo i love these, they are simple and elegant, the overall effects are subtle enough to not distract you from the content.. A+ 5/5
  13. Tater Pie


    Sorry it took me so long to reply to this, I agree with the links & breadcrumbs but as for voting, we're not going to do that simply for the reason that there's no way to prevent people from just spamming the votes with the use of a crawler or bot, which would force us to purge the votes monthly and that still wouldn't even solve the problem (and all toplists already have this problem) We may still purge our reviews monthly or quarterly or something to shuffle the list up and give smaller servers a chance to reach the top but at least we won't be forced to because some asshat is paying someone to spam their server with fake votes.. As far as the search option thing goes, i'm pretty sure you can already do that by searching a member or viewing a members profile and viewing their recent activity etc
  14. Yo these are gorgeous
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