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    So Kai has stepped down as owner of RSPS-Community. We are sad to see him go but he will still be around a little I believe. I'm assuming ownership of the discord and forums, and I want this forum to be community driven so I'm going to remove the owner rank and just keep my current administrator/CEO rank I have not really been around much lately and for that I apologize but I won't be giving up on these forums or the discord. I think we can really impact the whole scene with this community. The hosting is cheap, Kai and a few others have told me they don't see the point anymore the hype is gone but it's not like this site costs a lot of money to run, and I'm personally not trying to profit off it. Any donations have and will always be spent to pay for the hosting and domain and other services that going into maintaining and advertising the forums and discord server. That is my promise
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    Too much for me to understand but amazing tutorial.
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