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    discord channel is embed in the sidebar but the sidebar doesn't show up for mobile But at the same time some people just like chillin in the shoutbox on forums sometimes idk or leaving messages for people to see later etc thanks for your opinion tho very valid point
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    Its easy! It should be anyways. Remove however you have chatbox enable and only allow the block, then as an admin, you should have an arrow icon on the left of your page to allow you to manually drag and drop blocks. You would see chatbox and then you can just drag it onto the one page.
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    I haven't been doing much server work these past few days. Mainly studying and getting the website started. I had trouble incorporating some custom php scripts to work with the IPS api which is what the forums uses. Was kinda hectic but i managed to get around it all and is now pretty much good. Some more information on the site will be relevant once domain name becomes available. Just trying to get the little parts out the way for a clean alpha launch. Some small but important minor updates for alpha testings (pm me to be notified immediately on time of alpha release) Things to do: look over both morrigans/vestas mingame bosses add support for npc drops to rewards editor.
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