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  1. RSC

    Anything from the beginning of RuneScape time to revision #194
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  2. RS2

    This would be anything from revisions 194 - 503
    Moderator(s): mod.gifDexter

  3. 503+

    This would be anything from 503 - current runescape 3 revisions
    Moderator(s): mod.gifDexter

  4. OSRS

    All newer OSRS RSPS content goes in here!
    Moderator(s): mod.gifDexter

  • Interested in becoming an Official Graphic Designer, Ranked YouTuber etc?

    Here with in the Rsps Community forums, and discord MonoBeast runs and moderates the media section along with the roles, permissions, and responsibilities of the respected rank. We have a specific way in which we rank our media members. We will post the following ways here and will update this with a link to find all qualifications and rules etc. 

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