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  3. Congratz on the baby boy! Glad to see you back!
  4. Hey everyone! I had to take a long Vacation given that I was moving and had a baby boy recently. Now that I am back I will be managing the website and discord more closely. We have become slightly inactive given that we've been busy irl. However Tater and Myself will be discussing future content and updates to bring the community back to life and we will also start advertising to bring more members!! Thank you for staying with us and being active as you can. I'm glad to be back
  5. Seriously impressed with the server itself and especially the staff team who did so much to help me. Kudos to this server and the effort put into it!
  6. Thanks for the comments guys. I hope you join us today! We get better and better every single day and i hope you guys can join me and my staff for this experience
  7. Lit! Love the banner too. Well made.
  8. LoyaltyScape is an economy server dual loading 634 and OSRS data with 530 maps. We’ve been under live development for 18 months and I believe we now have a quality server that players will enjoy. Content ➤ Player Owned Shops ➤ 40+ Bosses | 25 skills | 13 minigames ➤ Over 400 Treasure Trail rewards from OSRS and RS2 ➤ Full OSRS Zulrah ➤ Bank placeholders ➤ 4 different Ironman modes ➤ Full OSRS Vorkath ➤ Keybinding/Customizable F keys ➤ Fashion scape shops with hundreds of cosmetic items ➤ Customizable client settings ➤ Over 50 pets including Skilling pets, Boss pets, and more ➤ Searchable drop table ➤ Custom last man standing, Free For All, and Prisoners minigames ➤ Animated rank icons ➤ Discord rich presence with Skilling and Combat integration ➤ Pet fighting ➤ Custom Bosses with custom mechanics ➤ Numerous experience boosting items Bugs and Development ➤ Fixed patchy cache-loads 634 and osrs ➤ Access to all osrs maps, objects, anims, items, and npcs ➤ Over 200 player suggestions implemented ➤ Over 1000 bugs fixed (don’t use ruse) ➤ View full list on our discord in #server-updates Media Non Profit? Credits
  9. HOME - DOWNLOAD - FORUM - VOTE - DONATE About Us: Economy driven community who likes to pk one another and pvm. FEATURES: Double Xp, Pkp, Votes, and Mini-Games. OSRS Items Pet Gambling OSRS Bosses Daily Updates In Game Content
  10. Regicide


    “Welcome to Regicide! We are a Osrs RSPS that serves you a variety of skills and tasks to choose from. If you have any questions regarding our server, feel free to contact one of our staff members either on Discord or type “::help” in-game and a staff member will get with you as quickly as possible. We hope you enjoy your time with our server! We also have 5 game modes, extreme Mode,Hcim,Uim, mode,normal mode and regular iron,fully working raids,Vork,Guardians,infernal-mini-game and so much more,Hydra is in the works,along with Tob, also all new players get a few items, from me,when i am online, feel free to message Regicide @ https://discord.gg/VxdRcYG
  11. Palidino


  12. Hey sorry I accidently deleted your account while deleting spammers.
  13. Nikolas

    Galaxica Logo

    Dunno either, but you just gotta click it
  14. Adam


    Welcome! Happy to see new members in the community!
  15. MonoBeast

    Galaxica Logo

    Not sure why but that image isn't showing brother @Nikolas
  17. this looks great everything is uniform all the colors blend perfectly together... 5/5
  18. Tater Pie


    I have been watching your activity in the discord, especially the invites and you are doing amazing work there. Welcome to the forums I can't wait to see what you bring to the table whether it be quality code or just good company I'm gonna be more active here in the coming weeks and try and get this forum back on track
  19. MonoBeast


    @Wayne I'm happy to have you apart of the community. Hopefully you stay with us as I would like to communicate about future development with in the community. Welcome brother.
  20. Wayne


    ~ Greetings Rsps-Community! (Finally introducing myself on the forums) I found out about Rsps-Community through one of the many RSPS community discord servers I'm in several months ago Forum looks very professional, from the user ranks, to the icons/banners! I have high hopes this forum will be the next go-to place for RS/RSPS development, much like Rune-Server/Runelocus. I'm currently sitting @40+ invites in the discord thus far, more to come! A little about Me I've been in the RSPS scene for nearly 10 years now.. Planning to do another 10 I started RuneScape around 2002-2003 - Played every chance I could growing up! Stopped playing RS in 2008/Haven't touched OSRS since release day in 2013 I played my very first RSPS back in late 2008 (I believe the server name was 'Rs-Substudios', it's been so long) I'm an OTR (Over the Road) Owner Operator truck driver in the U.S. - Delivering freight to 48 states No kids, No wife.. Happy life?! Saving every penny I can nowadays.. hopeful to retire @50-55 Honestly, very happy to have found out about this community ~ I'll be posting as much as I can!
  21. Nikolas

    Unity Logo

    ^ The forum makes the logo low quality, click it to see the full resolution ^^
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