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    Знаменитый флеш слешер продолжается! Храбрый аристократ снова борется с различными монстрами, не обходится и без спасения красавиц для пути. В игру добавлено тьма экшена, сражения восхищают и затягивают надолго. Монстров нынче паки больше, подобно и всевозможных способностей. Игроков порадуют и разные герои-помощники, облегчающие прохождение игры. Ролевые элементы, понравившиеся вторично с первой части, никуда не пропали - героев дозволительно прокачивать, снаряжение с экипировкой прокачивать. Так .ne, который игроков ждет кладезь адреналина и приятного времяпрепровождения. Скучать с новой частью "Отвесный рыцарь" не придется. Источник: http://www.arcade-games.world/
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    Galaxica Logo

    Dunno either, but you just gotta click it
  6. AdamRX


    Welcome! Happy to see new members in the community!
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    Galaxica Logo

    Not sure why but that image isn't showing brother @Nikolas
  9. this looks great everything is uniform all the colors blend perfectly together... 5/5
  10. I mean it's the spam section so it really doesn't matter but I've just added a toplist for websites so you could add your toplist website to our toplist of toplist websites if you would like
  11. Tater Pie


    I have been watching your activity in the discord, especially the invites and you are doing amazing work there. Welcome to the forums I can't wait to see what you bring to the table whether it be quality code or just good company I'm gonna be more active here in the coming weeks and try and get this forum back on track
  12. MonoBeast


    @Wayne I'm happy to have you apart of the community. Hopefully you stay with us as I would like to communicate about future development with in the community. Welcome brother.
  13. Wayne


    ~ Greetings Rsps-Community! (Finally introducing myself on the forums) I found out about Rsps-Community through one of the many RSPS community discord servers I'm in several months ago Forum looks very professional, from the user ranks, to the icons/banners! I have high hopes this forum will be the next go-to place for RS/RSPS development, much like Rune-Server/Runelocus. I'm currently sitting @40+ invites in the discord thus far, more to come! A little about Me I've been in the RSPS scene for nearly 10 years now.. Planning to do another 10 I started RuneScape around 2002-2003 - Played every chance I could growing up! Stopped playing RS in 2008/Haven't touched OSRS since release day in 2013 I played my very first RSPS back in late 2008 (I believe the server name was 'Rs-Substudios', it's been so long) I'm an OTR (Over the Road) Owner Operator truck driver in the U.S. - Delivering freight to 48 states No kids, No wife.. Happy life?! Saving every penny I can nowadays.. hopeful to retire @50-55 Honestly, very happy to have found out about this community ~ I'll be posting as much as I can!
  14. Nikolas

    Unity Logo

    ^ The forum makes the logo low quality, click it to see the full resolution ^^
  16. Alotic RSPS is returning and better than ever. With the original staff, and more fluid updates, it is bound to be a big release! Official Alotic Discord: https://discord.gg/w6fsJK Alotic is based in 2011 before RS2 became EOC. It will have the HD graphics option, or low detail if you prefer. Please come join the discord and get familiar with the staff/playerbase. Message Hitorimi if you have any questions. See ya guys there Make a forum account to secure a username before release More about Alotic Q: Can I reserve my account name? A: Yes, forums are linked with the game all you need to do is to register on forums Q: Game modes, EXP Rates, Drop bonus? EXP Rates: Sir x1250 Lord x250 Legend x12,5 Extreme x2,5 Drop rate bonus: Sir - no bonus Lord - +5% Legend - +10% Extreme - +15% Every new member will get rewards for joining Alotic the first 12 hours! 1 Mill coins 50 donator credits 1 crystal key Awesome cool unique pet that no one can get after the first 12 hours! And theres a 4x ps4 giveaway How do I win a Sony PlayStation 4? We're going to be giving away (x4) four PlayStation 4 consoles. These will be given to: The first player to achieve maximum in Sir mode - all skills 200m The first player to achieve: in Lord mode - all skills 99 The first player to achieve: in Legend mode - all skills 99 The first layer to achieve: in Extreme mode - all skills 99 The first player to reach 1000 kills in the Wilderness. (not official yet)
  17. Website: Artex - Home Download: Artex - Play Now Store: Artex- EverythingRs Artex has been in non-stop development for the past few months, with a goal of surpassing all New servers and claiming the 1 spot for a semi-custom runescape private servers. Combined with the skills of a remarkable developer, community suggestions and a well planned budget to spend on advertising, Artex will dominate the scene. We are one of the leading runescape private servers in content and put a lot of effort in design, and developing this to give you a unique experience on Artex! offering a safe and secure place for our players. Although we see a lot of servers don't care much. Our staff is working around the clock to offer you the support you need. The community is so well driven that the updates are all from them so lets thank all those community members, they got Artex to the place it is today. Spoiler for Artex RSPS Features: droprate system (right click option) custom minigames ( Key Minigame and Penguin Multiplier minigame) Item upgrading & invention constantly daily updates custom teleport interface Starterzone / loot box view drops on right click achievement rewards 24 skills working- They can all max to level 120 prestiging skills and total prestige ranks custom tiers zones (There are up to 6 tiers) boss pets and drop rate pets semi-custom items and gear custom godwars plateform unique armour and weapon that you have not seen in any rsps world events; shooting star, wildywyrm, wogw, evil tree and more! event zone beautiful layout custom maps, custom home multiplier system AFK reward system " Afk tickets Pyramid System tier zones Pvm ticket shop - Every npc globally drops pvm tickets Boss points and boss point store Fast growing Community Spoiler for Artex RSPS Media: Website: Artex - Home Download: Artex - Play Now Store: Artex- EverythingRs
  18. Hello and welcome to the forums. Love to see people using out ad sections and toplists :)
  19. Guest

    Hi rsps community

    Hey friends. Im new here and im going to be using the advertisement section on these forums. Please come and try out Artex-rsps.com We are one of a kind. you will enjoy what we have to offer. I'd love to get to know people from here.
  20. Hey Everyone, Just posting a video to show off the new Raids that were recently fixed and added into pkownage, they still need some testing and adjustments plus many things could be done better but it's a start!! Sorry for the black bars been a while since I made a video ;)
  21. i dds you


    PkOwnage Homepage PkOwnage Discord Download now #178 Data - Custom Edgeville Home - Login & PK - Ingame PVP Highscores - Killstreaks - Welfare 'Premade' PK Sets - Preloading sets - GE PVP - Clan Wars Safe PK - PVP Tournaments - All 3 Ironman Modes - All Skills Working, Skilling Island, Skilling Pets, Skilling Rewards - All Working Max Capes - 25+ Bosses with Pets - Superior Slayer Encounters - Clue Scrolls & Imbue Scrolls - Player Profiles - Player Owned Shops - Minigames, Weapon Game, Nightmare Zone, Warriors Guild, Pest Control, Barrows (with pets), Fight Caves, Inferno Caves, Chambers of Xeric, Custom Raids - QoL Updates: Keybinds, Skill Guides, Shift Click Dropping, Looting Bag, Rune Pouch, Resizable & Fullscreen, Kill Feed, Veng Timer, Hover Menus, NPC Drop Table, Kills Tracker, Points Tracker, Extra settings. - Doubled Xp & Points Weekends - Vote System - Vote4Donor - Competitive Highscores - Tons of Content - Join us today today for the adventure of a life time!! PkOwnage not only offers a great PKing experience but also includes a huge variety of bosses, great variety of Mini-games and not forgetting lots of Achievements, Challenges and more for you to face along the way to build your character and become a PkOwnage Legend! - PkOwnage Server Features - #178 OSRS Data Netty 4.1.8. Edgeville OR GE PK - Optional Home! Optional Combat xp gaining commands - Master, Pure, Zerk etc. Welfare Premade sets for Login & PK. PvP Tournament. Pre-loading sets, gear up and save your set up, then reload quickly when you need it! XP lock/unlock - Pure's can keep their stats with no worries! PKP System with Killstreaks! Ingame top 10 Pker Hiscores! Double Points & Double XP Weekends. Optional, Skiller friendly Daily Tasking System. All skills working - Get your Max capes, there's an Exclusive max cape area! Motherlode Mine. Chambers Of Xeric Raids. Custom GWD Raid. Superior Slayer Encounters. Duo Slayer System. Working Ring of Suffering. All Raid Items work, Amulet of the Damned, Salve Amulet, Chinchompas & More! OSRS Orbs, Money Pouch & XP Counter. Bank Tabs, Searching & Deposit inv/worn. Lots of Optional settings to toggle. Shift Click Dropping. Keybindings Re-sizable / Full screen mode. Clan chat, Help Chat & Clan Wars. Interactive Kill Feed & Entity Feed. NPC Kills Tracker & Points tracker. Lots of Achievements & Rewards System. Refer a Friend System. Pets Rewarding System, Some Boss pets talking/animated! K'ril, kree, chaos ele, graardor and zilyana pet! 50+ Pets! All OSRS Pets to collect! Three Optional Iron man Modes - Normal, Ultimate and Hardcore. Working Looting Bag. Player Profiles - Spy and compete with friends! Lots of Shops & Player Owned Shops. Boss points, Barrows points, Slayer Points & More! Teleport Interface with tons of areas to explore. 25+ Bosses to defeat including the Wilderness Bosses, Demonic Gorillas, Cerberus, Zulrah, Thermonuclear, GWD, Kraken, KBD & More! Mini-games such as Pest control, Dueling Arena, Fight caves, Barrows, Weapon Game, Nightmare Zone, Full Raids! TzHaar Expansion - Mor Ul Rek & Inferno caves! Lots of Dungeons to explore such as Nieve's Slayer Cave, Fremennik Slayer Cave and more! ::commands - This will tell you every command that you as a Player will need to know! Friendly Owner, I will help you as best I can when I can when I'm not sleeping or busy!
  22. (Not sure if I can post this here) Private Servers Toplist | MMORPG | Free To Play Games Join the best private servers list Private Server Toplist helps you find servers or websites for your favorite games. We have wide selection of private servers like World of Warcraft, RuneScape, Lineage 2, Mu Online, Minecraft and many more. Server owners has potential to gain more visitors and gamer's find more gaming sites. MMORPG | Free To Play Games private servers toplist. Server owners can join the list to get more players on their servers and be found on the net. RuneScape RSPS list shows the most popular Runescape Private Servers online - the best and safest RuneScape servers. https://www.mmogames.xyz/toplist/ https://www.mmogames.xyz/toplist/category/rsps
  23. Great work! this is simplicity at its finest honestly I think these simple ones are some of your best work tbh and probably saves you production time im sure by not having too many effects. 5/5
  24. Thanks for using the toplist! Your server looks great man kudos. Hope you guys do great and i know you will!
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