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    • Hi guys, today I will tell you how you can protect C ++ code from reverse engineering. Just little trick based on const expr compile-time obfuscation. Everything in comments 😉   #pragma once #include "targetver.h" #include <stdio.h> #include <tchar.h> #include <array> #include <iostream> #include <string> #pragma region Learning typedef uint32_t u32; typedef uint64_t u64; typedef unsigned char uchar; template<u32 S, u32 A = 16807UL, u32 C = 0UL, u32 M = (1UL << 31) - 1> struct LinearGenerator { static const u32 state = ((u64)S * A + C) % M; static const u32 value = state; typedef LinearGenerator<state> next; struct Split { // Leapfrog typedef LinearGenerator< state, A*A, 0, M> Gen1; typedef LinearGenerator<next::state, A*A, 0, M> Gen2; }; }; // Metafunction to get a particular index from generator template<u32 S, std::size_t index> struct Generate { static const uchar value = Generate<LinearGenerator<S>::state, index - 1>::value; }; template<u32 S> struct Generate<S, 0> { static const uchar value = static_cast<uchar> (LinearGenerator<S>::value); }; // List of indices template<std::size_t...> struct StList {}; // Concatenate template<typename TL, typename TR> struct Concat; template<std::size_t... SL, std::size_t... SR> struct Concat<StList<SL...>, StList<SR...>> { typedef StList<SL..., SR...> type; }; template<typename TL, typename TR> using Concat_t = typename Concat<TL, TR>::type; // Count from zero to n-1 template<size_t s> struct Count { typedef Concat_t<typename Count<s - 1>::type, StList<s - 1>> type; }; template<> struct Count<0> { typedef StList<> type; }; template<size_t s> using Count_t = typename Count<s>::type; // Get a scrambled character of a string template<u32 seed, std::size_t index, std::size_t N> constexpr uchar get_scrambled_char(const char(&a)[N]) { return static_cast<uchar>(a[index]) + Generate<seed, index>::value; } // Get a ciphertext from a plaintext string template<u32 seed, typename T> struct cipher_helper; template<u32 seed, std::size_t... SL> struct cipher_helper<seed, StList<SL...>> { static constexpr std::array<uchar, sizeof...(SL)> get_array(const char(&a)[sizeof...(SL)]) { return{ { get_scrambled_char<seed, SL>(a)... } }; } }; template<u32 seed, std::size_t N> constexpr std::array<uchar, N> get_cipher_text(const char(&a)[N]) { return cipher_helper<seed, Count_t<N>>::get_array(a); } // Get a noise sequence from a seed and string length template<u32 seed, typename T> struct noise_helper; template<u32 seed, std::size_t... SL> struct noise_helper<seed, StList<SL...>> { static constexpr std::array<uchar, sizeof...(SL)> get_array() { return{ { Generate<seed, SL>::value ... } }; } }; template<u32 seed, std::size_t N> constexpr std::array<uchar, N> get_key() { return noise_helper<seed, Count_t<N>>::get_array(); } /* // Get an unscrambled character of a string template<u32 seed, std::size_t index, std::size_t N> char get_unscrambled_char(const std::array<uchar, N> & a) { return static_cast<char> (a[index] - Generate<seed, index>::value); } */ // Metafunction to get the size of an array template<typename T> struct array_info; template <typename T, size_t N> struct array_info<T[N]> { typedef T type; enum { size = N }; }; template <typename T, size_t N> struct array_info<const T(&)[N]> : array_info<T[N]> {}; // Scramble a string template<u32 seed, std::size_t N> class obfuscated_string { private: std::array<uchar, N> cipher_text_; std::array<uchar, N> key_; public: explicit constexpr obfuscated_string(const char(&a)[N]) : cipher_text_(get_cipher_text<seed, N>(a)) , key_(get_key<seed, N>()) {} operator std::string() const { char plain_text[N]; for (volatile std::size_t i = 0; i < N; ++i) { volatile char temp = static_cast<char>(cipher_text_[i] - key_[i]); plain_text[i] = temp; } return std::string{ plain_text, plain_text + N }; } }; template<u32 seed, std::size_t N> std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream & s, const obfuscated_string<seed, N> & str) { s << static_cast<std::string>(str); return s; } //compiletime Seed for random string obfuscation #define RNG_SEED ((__TIME__[7] - '0') * 1 + (__TIME__[6] - '0') * 10 + \ (__TIME__[4] - '0') * 60 + (__TIME__[3] - '0') * 600 + \ (__TIME__[1] - '0') * 3600 + (__TIME__[0] - '0') * 36000) + \ (__LINE__ * 100000) #define DECRYPTSTRING(STR) \ obfuscated_string<RNG_SEED, array_info<decltype(STR)>::size>{STR} #pragma endregion Well, now the usage: #include "stdafx.h" auto FooBar = DECRYPTSTRING("FWEFWEFWEFWefwehkdl2hei1o;eh23khdBlahBlahBlah"); int main() { std::cout << DECRYPTSTRING("You can use it like this also") << std::endl; std::getchar(); return 0; }   This code obfuscate your string values just like VMProtect.DecryptString ("Foobar") does. Such technique can be used for protect constant string values like public RSA/XXTea/etc. keys, connection IP string or any other string values. It prevents simple reading such values via OllyDbg or IDAPro software. Works like a charm at Visual Studio 2015/2017 x86 Release builds. Enjoy 😉          
    • Well here is my attempt so far if I figure it out i'll update this:   package org.petina; import javafx.application.Application; import javafx.embed.swing.SwingNode; import javafx.event.EventHandler; import javafx.scene.*; import javafx.scene.paint.Color; import javafx.stage.Stage; import javafx.stage.WindowEvent; import java.awt.Dimension; /** * * * @author smokey * * Date: Apr 21, 2019 * Time: 8:37:45 AM */ public class JavaFXTest extends Application { private ClientStub stub = new ClientStub(); @Override public void init() { stub.init(); stub.setSize(new Dimension(765, 503)); } @Override @SuppressWarnings("deprecation") public void start(Stage stage) { final SwingNode swingNode = new SwingNode(); swingNode.setContent(stub.getRootPane()); stage.setScene(new Scene(new Group(swingNode), 765, 503, Color.BLACK)); stage.setOnCloseRequest(new EventHandler<WindowEvent>() { @Override public void handle(WindowEvent t) { System.exit(0); } }); stage.setTitle("JaGeX"); stage.setResizable(false); stage.show(); } @Override public void stop() { stub.stop(); stub.destroy(); } public static void main(String[] args) { launch(args); } }   ClientStub.java: package org.petina; import java.net.URL; import java.net.InetAddress; import org.petina.loader.SignLink; import org.petina.loader.client; /** * * * @author smokey * * Date: Apr 21, 2019 * Time: 2:40:44 PM */ public class ClientStub extends client { public ClientStub() { super(); try { SignLink.startpriv(InetAddress.getLocalHost()); } catch(Exception ex) { ex.printStackTrace(); } } @Override public URL getCodeBase() { try { return new URL("" + 43594); } catch (Exception ex) { ex.printStackTrace(); return super.getCodeBase(); } } public URL getDocumentBase() { return this.getCodeBase(); } public String getParameter(String key) { return ""; } } Anyone here have any experience with javafx? @Guruu?
    • Swing is the API provided to effectively make GUI for your applications in Java. What is a GUI you ask? A GUI is a graphical user interface, simply put it's the frame around your application and all the features specifically attached to it that the user can interact with like buttons or a menu bar.   In 317 clients the client was built to be embedded in a webpage so the main client is engineered to be an applet, and if the client is run in local mode its made to be embedded into a java.awt.Frame, this container is an older but still effective way of creating a GUI but its less manageable and outdated.  To scrap the old frame theres a few things we need to do: Initialize the client as an applet so we can use that as a container Create a new JFrame instance to hold the client's applet container This is really simple, and has been made complicated by many a man over the years. It can be simply done by extending the client object and overriding its applet-based functions. Step 1:   Step 2:  
    • Welcome @kiwi Very glad to have you, hope to see you around and active 🙂
    • Not bad brother! I love my paint brush haha.
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